Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekend of plague


Day 211

Day 301

Friday morning, both kids were still too sick-sounding for me to feel good about sending Soren off to playschool. So we hunkered down for another long day at home. It was extra-long, as Tom had quite a late night at work, but I managed, out of necessity, to give the kids their first tandem bath. There were no near-drownings, and both of the little weasels were quite amused to splash and play together in the tub.

After finally managing to get both kiddos sleeping, I settled down to watch the last couple days' worth of Tivoed Daily Shows and Colbert Reports. Thursday's Daily Show featured a really funny bit (unfortunately at the very end of the linked clip), featuring Ira Glass in a motion capture green screen suit, supposedly for the purposes of inserting him into Grand Theft Auto, and thus making the game less appealing to kids. Really freaking funny, to an NPR-listening nerd such as myself.

Eleri slept for about ninety minutes, and then not solidly again for the rest of the night. Poor little lass spiked a fever and could only seem to sleep at all when being held upright. Didn't want to nurse, couldn't really settle, just generally seemed really uncomfortable. Ibuprofen took the edge off her fever, but by Saturday morning, it was apparent that a trip to the doctor was in order.


Day 212

Day 302

No pony riding for me on Saturday. Instead, I accompanied Eleri to the pediatrician where, once we finally got to see someone, she was promptly diagnosed with an ear infection. In both ears. Poor little girl. I have to give Tom all the credit for suspecting this particular diagnosis; in retrospect, it made perfect sense given her symptoms, but at the time, Friday night, I kept entertaining horrible thoughts of some sharp object swallowed while I turned my back on her for a minute or two during the day. So while ear infections are no fun, I'm glad that's all it was!

Tom had to go back to work again Saturday afternoon, so after we picked up El's antibiotics, we dropped Tom at the train and went home to take it easy for the rest of the day. Eleri perked up pretty quickly after she got some meds in her system, so at least she wasn't miserable for hours and hours more. Soren, however, was fully stir crazy by this point, having been stuck in the house for most of the last 4 days. It was not the greatest afternoon for mother-son cooperation and coexistence. Shortly after Tom got home that evening, I fled the scene for an hour. Radio off, blissful silence in the car, off to the grocery store by myself in the crisp, cold night. (With a detour to Starbucks first.) Ah, the simple pleasures. ;)

Eleri (and, therefore, the rest of us) slept much better Saturday night. Thank goodness.


Day 213

Day 303

Sunday we all continued catching up on rest. The boys went out around mid-day to blow off some steam at the park and pick up lunch, while Eleri napped and I worked on the Christmas stocking (which is getting closer to completion!). We watched Get Him to the Greek, which was pretty silly. Eleri and I ran an errand in the late afternoon while the guys went to the pool. Now that swimming lessons are over, I'm hoping that Tom will be able to keep taking Soren down to the pool at our complex once a week to maintain the lad's improving comfort in the water. Since it was really quite brisk outside, and the lass's ears were barely on the mend, it only made sense to bust out the bear suit and bundle her up. I do love the bear suit. It's kind of a nasty static shock generator, which is unfortunate, but it's so damned cute.

The return to Standard Time meant that the junior members of the household were ready to pass out a little early, and Soren fell asleep before taking even a single bite of dinner (though he did eat his pre-dinner biscuit), despite insisting all the while that he was not sleepy. Heh heh. That never gets old.


Day 214

Day 304

Monday! Kiddos on the mend! Soren's triumphant return to playschool! Eleri turned 10 months old today. For the third time, she took one step on her own and then fell over. I'm still waiting for her to put two steps together before I'm ready to declare her a walker, but she's reeeeaaally close. I mean, it's felt like she's been really close for several weeks, now, but each day it seems more so. She's taken to doing kind of a spider crawl sometimes, up on her hands and feet instead of her hands and knees. It's very silly. She's also continued to be fascinated by the "no-no-no" head shake. She has realized that it makes us laugh, and so she'll keep doing it for the reaction. Another little comedian. ;)

It's evening time now, and I'm feeling suspiciously like I'm about to get hit with Round 2 of the plague. Blagh. It'll be another couple of hideous work days for Tom, as well, so if I'm able to make it through to Thursday without completely losing my mind, I'll consider it an accomplishment. Here we go!

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