Monday, December 27, 2010

An outing to the Brr-tanic Garden

Day 263

Day 353

Note to self: Regardless of how much she may appear to like them, resist the urge to feed Eleri a bunch of beans. After eating a fair number of them out of my lunchtime Chipotle burrito bowl yesterday, she slept kind of restlessly all night and then woke herself up with gaseous discomfort at 5:30am. She tossed, turned & tooted for a good 90 minutes before finally falling back asleep. Tom (who had ditched us a little after 6:00 to get some more sleep on the couch) was kind enough to tend to Soren in the morning and let El & me sleep for a few more hours.

But then we all got up, armed ourselves against the cold - I don't think it broke 35 today, and it was windy - and headed to the metro station. One train ride and one very chilly walk later, we arrived at The Good Stuff Eatery, our lunchtime destination. We'd been meaning to try this place for a while, so we were happy to finally get around to it. Tom had the Sunnyside burger (dairy fresh cheese, Applewood bacon and a fried egg on a brioche bun with Good Stuff sauce), and I had the Smokehouse (Applewood bacon, sharp Vermont cheddar and fried Vidalia onion rings with chipotle BBQ sauce), and then we split an order of Village fries (sprinkled with thyme, rosemary & sea salt). The kids snacked and shared bits of everything. The verdict: the toppings were outstanding, and the herb-y fries were quite tasty, but the burgers themselves were a tad overdone and really kind of small for the price. Plus, the eatery has the disadvantage of being both tiny and very popular, so it was pretty crowded. Overall, I'm glad we went, and I'd like to check out the sister establishment, We, the Pizza (located right next door), but I don't think we'll be returning to Good Stuff anytime soon. Certainly not so long as we have relatively convenient access to BGR.

Burgered up, we forged back out into the cold and made our way to The U.S. Botanic Garden. (I know, I always thought it was "botanical" too, but apparently not.) This time of year they have a big model train display set up in one of the rooms of the conservatory, and we thought Soren might enjoy checking that out. And indeed he did. We wandered through a few other rooms afterward; that place is surprisingly large. I of course took a ton of photos, which I'll hopefully get around to editing over the course of the week.

Tomorrow we're off to Charlottesville for an overnight stay. We'll go see Monticello, walk around the UVA campus, see what there is to see. Should be fun!

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