Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas sloth

Day 262

Day 352

Soren played & played & played with his new train set today. I'm glad (though not at all surprised) that he totally digs it. He's also getting lots of use out of his doctor kit and toy drill, while Eleri follows along behind, chewing on whatever he's most recently discarded. ;)

Eleri's been doing something resembling a downward facing dog yoga pose, only with her head touching the ground. Just flips herself upside down and hangs out there for a few seconds. It's quite funny. She's picked up a couple more signs in the last few days; she's had "milk" down for a while, but she's starting to occasionally add "food" and "all done" to her repertoire as well. Baby signs are helpful!

We did very little of note today, though I did spend a couple of hours going through photos, organizing and getting the blog all caught up (see below). Tom & Soren went to the park while it was snowing around mid-day (hardly any snow I'm told Soren wanted to "zoom" on the swings again and again. Other'n that, much lounging about and eating treats from our stockings. I did make it to the gym before dinner, but I doubt my exercises burned off anywhere close to the number of excess calories I consumed today. Oh well. That's what the holiday season is all about, right? ;)

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