Thursday, December 02, 2010

She speaks!

Day 238 / Day 328

This was the first day all week when we didn't have anything planned for the morning. So, naturally, the kids didn't sleep in as late as I would have liked. ;) Okay, it's not as though I have any room to complain, since they both slept past 8:30, but it seems like all week I've been forced to wake them because it's after 9:00 and we have to leave the house in 10 minutes. But anyway. We took it easy in the morning and then made our way to the afternoon's activity.

A woman in the playgroup (someone I'd not met before) hosts a daycare at her home, and once a week she brings in a music teacher from one of the local schools. So she's opened up "music day" to anyone in the playgroup who would like to attend, and I thought it would be fun to check out. It was a bit farther of a drive than I'd anticipated (kind of as far away from us as you can get and still be in Alexandria), and though Eleri was fairly entertained by the whole thing, Soren (surprise, surprise) was way too distracted by all of the awesome toys at this lady's house. She's got her basement set up essentially like a preschool classroom, so there are cubbies of toys all along the walls, and books and little scooters and a play kitchen. Soren was happy enough to play with the instruments when the music teacher got them out, but that only took up about 5 of the 35 or so minutes, and the lad was not impressed by the whole "sitting around in a circle, singing and clapping" thing. So, between the distance and Soren's general disinterest, I kind of doubt we'll be going back. If it were closer, I might consider still going for Eleri, and if they both loved it I'd be more likely to say it was worth the long drive, but as it is, eh. I'm sure we can come up with something else to do instead.

There was one great thing to come out of it all, though. As we were leaving, with all the moms prompting their kids for "thank you"s and "goodbye"s, Eleri started waving and said, "Bah-bye!" So freaking cute. She did it a couple of times, too, so I'm fairly certain it wasn't just a coincidence.

We ran a few errands on the way home, including a stop at Target, where I picked up the adorable monkey hat El's modeling above. It's suddenly become winter here, and her jacket hood was not staying up, so a hat was definitely called for. I have a feeling it's going to get a lot of use these next few months!


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