Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Weekend time again


Day 239

Day 329

Friday morning I dropped Soren off at playschool with the intention of getting a bunch of chores done while Eleri napped. This was somewhat complicated by the fact that Eleri decided she would rather not have a morning nap that day. So instead, the chores went undone, and El & I had some good one-on-one play time. It was pretty great. :) She has this high-pitched giggle/squeal she does when she's utterly delighted that is, itself, utterly delightful.

Of course, the Sand Man would not be denied, so when we went to retrieve Soren, Eleri fell asleep as I was parking the car. Heh. Figures.

After playschool we made a stop at the library. I'm kind of stoked that Soren's reached an age where he has the patience to sit through some of the beloved picture books from my youth. My sister gave us a copy of The Story about Ping when we were home in October, and I've started to seek out some other books I remember fondly. On our last trip to the library, I picked up Stone Soup, which was amusing enough. This time, I grabbed The Story of Ferdinand and The Story of Babar, having reasonably fond memories of both. Ferdinand was still pretty good, but Babar? Holy crap, that book is all kinds of messed up. I mean, I know it's supposed to be an allegory of imperialism or colonialism or what have you, but even taking that into account, it is STILL messed up. Yeah, Babar went right back to the library after one reading. ;) And I've resolved that any further trips down literary memory lane will require that I actually sit there and read through the book at the library before putting it in the bag to bring home. Hehe.


Day 240

Day 330

Saturday was another cold one at the barn. The ground was frozen in the outdoor arena, so we were given the option between sharing the (crowded) indoor with the other class or going for a walk in the woods. Trail ride! The ground was, fortunately, mostly thawed out on the trail, so we got to trot a little, and I even got to hop Chaka over a couple of little logs. Chaka is kind of a crazy man out on the trail, with a reputation for bucking people off and bolting and just being generally excitable. So I fully anticipated any silliness he tried to pull and had myself a grand time. But hoo-boy, were my toes frozen by the end of the ride. I missed out on riding in December last year (as I was heavily, heavily pregnant by that point), and it's been a good many years since I've ridden in this kind of weather.


Day 241 / Day 331

Sunday afternoon we dressed the kids up and took them downstairs to take Christmas card pictures in the lobby. Pretty much first thing after we got down there, Soren knocked an ornament off the tree; said ornament shattered magnificently on the floor. It was, fortunately, just a small plain ornament - not a giant fancy one or anything - but still. Anyway, I was really grateful that I didn't try to get these photos by myself, while Tom was at work or something. There would have been no way. ;) As it was, it was really quite difficult to get both of them sitting still long enough for the camera to focus and shoot (and my camera is fast). So yes, it would have basically been impossible to do without Tom's help. I think I got some cute shots though! Hopefully I can get a card assembled and emailed by the end of the week.

Not much else to report on the weekend! Eleri had her last dose of antibiotic on Sunday, so we're hoping to remain ear infection-, illness- and injury-free for at least a week or two. ;)


madre said...

Have you read "Pickle Things" yet?

susan said...

Of course. But I've been reading that one to him since he was born, so I didn't count it in the latest batch of "books from my youth." ;)