Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside

Day 284

Day 9

Monday (as you may have gathered from my last post) we were all feeling less than stellar. In the morning, Eleri was tugging at one of her ears and was really grumpy about having to be on her back for a diaper change, so we opted to get her ears checked out. Her symptoms were borderline (no fever), but I figured it was better to take her in while Tom was home from work, rather than having to wrangle both kids by myself the next day if she happened to get worse. As it turned out, we spent an hour in the doctor's office to ultimately be told that her ears were fine, which I can't say would have been my ideal way to spend the afternoon, but I would of course rather have to go in "for nothing" than for her to have yet another ear infection.

So yeah, that was pretty much Monday. Friggin' toddlers spreading their friggin' germs everywhere.

Day 285

Day 10

There was an ice storm overnight, resulting in a pretty impressive coating of frozen awesomeness over everything this morning. I was still feeling crummy, so I canceled our plans for the day and hunkered down with the wee savages.

Eleri's been deliberately dropping things on the ground and then saying, "Uh oh!" It's adorable. She's also been picking up more signs and using the ones she knows a bit more frequently. At lunchtime today, I asked her if she wanted more food or if she was all done. She signed "all done" at me and said, "Oh duh!" Hehehe. She's growing up fast, that one.

Soren helped me with laundry today, and he actually really helped. And he thought it was the most fun ever, putting away Daddy's socks in the sock drawer and Mommy's pajamas in the pajama drawer. He helped me sort the dirty clothes, too, and was very good about listening to directions. Now if only he could apply that good listening to all the other things we ask of him in a given day. ;) But hey, I'll take what I can get. He continues to forge ahead with his word identification, spelling and sounding out stuff at every opportunity. I heard him sounding out words in one of his books for Eleri this afternoon (it's just a book with pictures of animals and their names...most of the time I'm certain that he's guessing from context because he'll do something like spell out "K-I-D" and then sound that out as "g-oat!" but he's getting it right more and more often).

We also had many, many time-outs today. Tom & I both read through 1-2-3 Magic this weekend, and we're going to give that system a try, but the first couple of weeks are supposed to be pretty tough until everyone gets the hang of expectations and such. But I'm hopeful it will ultimately work out well for us, once Soren knows we mean business. And with any luck, Eleri will learn by watching, so we won't have to go through the tough part twice. ;)


Anonymous said...

Well isn't a KID a baby goat?
Grampa G.

ACJC said...

Have you read/heard of Love and Logic? I've heard awesome things about it but never read it myself.

susan said...

Dad - Yeah, that's what I mean about guessing from context. He's looking at the picture instead of actually sounding out the letters he's just identified. He gets tons of credit for being resourceful, for that one, just not for actual reading ability. ;)

Amy - I hadn't heard of that one. Looking at the Amazon description though, it appears to be geared mostly toward older kids.

Megan said...

Good luck with "123 Magic" I gave that one a try. When your kid misbehaves your supposed to set him/her in another room. I did that at LAW's house and stuck W in the bathroom. For fun he RIPPED the wallpaper off the wall. At a family dinner. Everyone was there. I was more than embarrassed. LAW claimed not to care but it was quite horrifying and I will remember it always. I did go back with wall paper paste and W and I fixed it but, yeah. That was the end of "123 Magic" for me.

susan said...

Oy. May I correctly assume that W was older then than Soren is now? Soren doesn't (so far) have serious destructive tendencies, but I wonder if that will change as he gets older. Thus far, the real trick has been getting him to do his time outs in his bedroom...which doesn't have a door. Believe it or not, he actually stays in there by himself, sometimes.

Megan said...

W has always had destructive tendencies. I would only say it came with age because it took, naturally, some time for him to make his arms/legs move in the exact direction of intent then came the destruction. I think W was perhaps a little older but not by much. L was still tiny. Perhaps not even walking around yet. W was not in preschool yet and he did two years of that so...