Friday, January 07, 2011

A better day, again

Day 274

Day 364

Today we went to another open gym play time at another rec center. Soren was in awe of the few small two-wheeled bikes (with training wheels) and rode them a couple of times, with assistance. He kept getting kind of confused about which way to push his feet on the pedals, though, and spent much of his riding time hitting the brakes. Eleri gravitated again to the scooters; when I'm wheeling her around, she looks a bit like a baby on a Segway, since she's just standing there, not scooting along with her foot, herself. I'm amused by it.

The day overall was more peaceful. Only a couple of time-outs, lots of good playing together and reading together, and some super awesome sounding out of words by Soren. Better still, I got that last bit on video...which I promise I will upload when our new computer arrives (tracking data says Tuesday!).

Eleri has started bringing me little board books to read to her, just like Soren. She obviously doesn't have much of an attention span yet, but I'm stoked that she at least appears to be interested in books too. She's also started kicking the soccer balls around with Tom and Soren (and a little bit today at the gym, as well).

Oh, another amusing gym story. When we were leaving, we had to walk past the windows that look down on the racquetball courts, one of which was filled with stationary bikes for a spinning class. Soren was captivated both by the people in the spinning class and the couple playing racquetball. The guy leading the spinning class happened to look up and notice Soren and A staring down at them, and he gave a little wave. The boys had to be prompted to wave back - I think somehow they didn't realize that the people behind the glass were "real" or something - but then they were both extra pleased about the interaction. And then Soren was really interested in the racquetballers. He probably would have been content to stand and watch them for a long time, but Eleri was ready for her nap and in no mood to dawdle.

Tomorrow I get to return to the barn for my first riding lesson of the new year. And a certain someone will be celebrating her first birthday. Excitement in store all around, folks.

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