Saturday, January 08, 2011

Birthday girlo!

Day 275

Day 365

We awoke this morning to snow on the ground and more falling from the sky. Enough to make it pretty and festive outside. Not enough to prevent me from driving to the barn for my riding lesson.

Which was awesome. As it turned out, I was the only one in my class to brave the snow and show up, so I lucked into a private lesson. Chaka was a star. After our first canter, N asked me to come to the middle of the ring; I did so, beaming from ear to ear and declared "that was the best canter I've ever had on him ever!" And it was true. He was collected and balanced and, for the first time since I started riding him, not running flat with his head in the air. We then went on to do some lateral exercises, something called "entwickeln," which translates literally from German as "to develop." It's a series of fairly subtle movements that are not super easy but, when performed correctly (or at least approximately correctly), can really enhance a rider's communication with the horse and improve the horse's balance and agility. And then we had some more good canters, alternating between slow, collected, carefully balanced strides and forward, swinging, longer ones. I must have been grinning again because at one point N hollered at me to "stop having so much fun!" (I took a page out of Soren's book and replied with a cheerful "No!")

Anyway, it was a great first ride of the year, and I'm so glad I braved the (tiny bits of) snow to get out there.

In the afternoon, Eleri took a 2 hour nap, after which the boys went to go play at the mall. While Eleri played in the living room, I finally got around to organizing our living room bookshelves. The books were shelved all haphazardly when we unpacked them upon moving in, and they've remained that way ever since. Felt good to finally get them in order (fiction arranged alphabetically by author, nonfiction arranged by subject matter).

And then in the evening it was time to commence the birthday celebrations. Happy first birthday, Eleri! Tom made cinnamon rolls for a birthday dessert, which the lass of honor found very perplexing at first; she's accustomed to her food being presented in tiny, manageable bits, so she was thrown for a loop by the whole cinnamon roll sitting in front of her. She figured it out eventually though and tucked in happily. Afterward, she opened up a few presents and ran around to burn off some of the sugar from her dessert. ;)

It sounds trite, but I really can't believe it's been a year already. Or that Soren is only a few months away from turning three! But here we are, and before I know it I'll be posting about her second birthday, and beyond.

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