Monday, January 24, 2011

Brr-tanic Garden, Take Two

Day 291

Day 16

Our playschool group had a field trip to the Botanic Garden scheduled for today, and as was the case the last time we went, it was quite a chilly day. Like, high 20s-low 30s chilly. It was a good outing, though. The kids were all really into talking about the different plants and exploring their characteristics (size, color, texture). Not the whole time, of course, but for at least a good 45 minutes out of the 2-ish hours we were there. The rest of the time included some frolicking, some blatant refusal to follow directions, and a snack break. But for a small group of 2.5 - 3 year-olds, I'd say it was very successful overall. I think there were only two instances of mistreatment of plants, so that by itself is pretty great.

Soren, no great surprise, was very interested in stopping every few feet to "read" the various placards. By "read" I of course mean identify a few letters before scurrying off to the next placard. Hehe. There were just so many! Not enough time to devote careful attention to each and every one! He's a funny lad.

Poor Eleri puked up half her lunch (a hummus wrap that she had been making her way through quite well), thoroughly soaking through two layers of shirts. I was glad I'd brought a change of clothes for her. One of the playschool kids' older sister asked what I would do if Eleri threw up again, after I'd changed her shirt. (And I was like, "Don't jinx me, kid! Come on!") I suppose I would have figured something out. Fortunately, El managed to keep her food down for the rest of the day.

I only took my small point-and-shoot camera with us today, so the photos I got were not super great. The one I really liked, of Soren and two of his buddies all walking along nicely hand-in-hand, turned out to be horribly out of focus, but I think it looks kind of like a chalk drawing the way I edited it, so I don't mind too much. The one I took of Eleri eating her hummus wrap (OF DOOM!) is a little blown out and bleh, but I haven't really figured out how to fix that in Photoshop. Could be worse.

Anyway, that was pretty much our day. Chores and errands on the agenda for tomorrow. Oh joy!

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