Sunday, January 02, 2011

Computer woes

Our desktop computer seems to have decided it will celebrate the new year by taking an extended nap. Which is to say, as of this morning, it's refusing to boot up. Whee! Guess that means I'll be posting unedited/unadjusted photos for a while. (And so much for my tentative New Years resolution to start posting video once a week, again.)

On the one hand, I feel like, "eh, the computer was 4+ years old, just about time to upgrade, anyway." On the other hand, 4 years? Kind of a pathetic lifespan for something as expensive as a computer. That's about how long our laptop lasted (or worked well, at least) too. This makes me somewhat ambivalent about continuing to patronize Dell. I've been largely satisfied with their products, and I'm not sure what else is out there that is competitively priced without being super craptastic (I'm looking at you, HP). But is it unreasonable to hope for better? Or is that really asking too much?

My problems. They really are such First World problems.


Anonymous said...

We bought our Imac in 2000 and I was able to use it more or less regularly up until last winter, when I purchased- you guessed it- a DELL!!!
To be fair our Dell desktop is lightning fast and has huge capacity, and we have had nary a problem- Oh great I probably just jinxed myself.
Good thing I have just enough computer knowledge to be dangerous.

Grandpa J

ml said...

Computers are disposable (albeit expensive). I have a friend that replaces his laptop every year. Also, desktops are getting pretty cheap now - like the price of a cross-country plane ticket..

susan said...

Grandpa J - I've really been quite happy with all our Dells. Until they fail, of course. ;)

ML - I don't know about the price of one cross-country ticket. Maybe business class. ;)