Thursday, January 13, 2011

Return of the Zoom

Day 279

Day 4

Yesterday (Wednesday), we did not have as much snow in the morning as had been predicted. It wasn't much more than a dusting, really. So off we went to walk at the mall. Soren had a good time running and playing with his mall walk buddies after the actual walking was done. One of the little girls had brought a small pad of paper and some crayons, which she was eager to share with everyone. She basically sat there with the paper and a crayon shoved in Eleri's face until Eleri took them and started scribbling. Hehe.

In the afternoon, Eleri napped, Soren watched a couple of episodes of his show, and I figured out the basics of Adobe Premiere, resulting in the videos posted below. And this one:

Day 280

Day 5

Today, we went to eat bagels with more playgroup folks in the morning. Soren calls food establishments "the [blank] house," characterized by the type of food he usually eats from them. Chipotle, for example, is called either "the quesadilla house" or "the burrito house." Most fast food places (McDonald's, Wendy's, etc.) are all "the chicken nugget house," so it's no surprise that this morning's destination was "the bagel house." Both kids behaved pretty nicely and ate well, and Soren was very nice about sharing his fruit salad with his little friend L.

Eleri woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning, so as we were finishing up at the bagel house, she was more than ready for her nap. Fortunately, we still had a good hour and change to wait before the start of Soren's rec center class, so she conked out in the car while we drove over and then slept while we sat in the parking lot. Soren & I listened to music and hung out until it was time to wake up the lass and head inside. Soren's quite jazzed about being in a Zoom Around the Room class again, and even though Eleri is technically too young to be enrolled in the class, she had a great time toddling around after the big kids. She discovered the ball pit as we were getting ready to go (I didn't let her near it while the class was going on, for obvious reasons), and she and one of the other younger siblings (9 months old) were fascinated by it. The other mom and I put the two kids in the pit together while everyone else was getting ready to leave, and they were beyond thrilled. I fully expect next week to spend most of the class trying to keep Eleri away from the pit. Heh.

It's kind of nice having an afternoon rec center class because once it's over, we're well on our way to evening. Only a few more hours until Tom gets home, plus Soren's nicely mellowed from all the running around.

I went through and added the daily photos to last week's posts, so you can scroll down and check those out if you wish. Or mosey over to Flickr and check them out there. And I'll pull today's pictures off the camera tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the first day back to playschool since before Christmas. I'm excited to see - well, hear, since they're not coming over to our place - how it goes with the new format and smaller group. Should be good, I'm hoping!


ACJC said...

Who taught him "dirt bag"? :)

susan said...

That was all Tom ;)