Thursday, January 20, 2011

Escape from Apartmentcatraz!

Day 287 / Day 12

We got out into the world...among other humans...this afternoon. Which, okay, we also did briefly yesterday at the park, but this was bigger/better/more. I think a possible caption for the above picture could be "Thank heavens she's let us out of the house! Let us celebrate with spontaneous hugging!"

(Seriously, he just ran up to her, apropos of nothing, in the middle of the class, for a hug. And then ran off again. It was so cute.)

I felt like the 30 minutes of free-play time at Zoom class went by way too fast today. Not that that's any great surprise, but there you have it. Eleri, as I predicted, was bound and determined to make her way into the ball pit. I managed to keep her side tracked well enough with the slides. Oh, how she loves those slides. She doesn't even need support or anything. I just put her close to the edge at the top, and she scoot-scoots along with her feet until she starts sliding, and then dooooown she goes with a huge grin. C'est tres adorbs.

Soren was totally into the music/circle time today, the whole time. Usually he takes a while to warm up to it, but today he was all over it. And Eleri was clapping/stomping along to "If You're Happy And You Know It" just like the big kids.

After class, it was just warm enough to play on the playground for a bit, which Soren did happily while Eleri chilled in the backpack. The surface out there is mulch, and she's still at too much of an "I want to eat it" stage to be trusted. Plus she was super tired, having not yet napped for the day. We were only out there for fifteen minutes or so, but I could feel her starting to rest her head against my back as we were finally making our way to the car. Not 3 minutes after being strapped in her car seat, she was out cold. Tired girlo!

Dinner tonight was tomato soup with spinach and cheezy biscuits. Neither of the kids was super into the soup, so Tom was trying to entice Soren to eat more of his by drinking it directly from the bowl. Soren found this rather intriguing, and so did Eleri. Perhaps even more so. She'd been grumping in her high chair, rubbing her eyes and signing "all done," but once the boys started drinking soup from their bowls she started watching, entranced. When I offered her the opportunity to drink some of her soup from her bowl, she eagerly took it. Oh, the magic of the second child, wanting to do everything the first one gets to do. Hehe.

I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but our kids are so different in some ways, not least of which their sleep habits. When Soren was a babe, and you'd get him to fall asleep in your arms, he had to be transferred to his bed with almost surgical precision, or else he'd wake up crying and you'd have to start all over. Eleri, thankfully, is not nearly so touchy. Tonight, for example, I lost my balance while lowering her into her crib, and I pretty much dropped her on her face. From a height of about two inches, but still. Not a peep. Damn near imperturbable sometimes, that one.

Tonight was also the first time I looked down at her, sleeping sweetly in my arms, her head far enough away from the lamp that her hair appeared slightly darker than usual, and thought, Damn. She really does kind of look a lot like me. I mean, I've seen a resemblance to her in my baby pictures, but this was different. Not just baby-to-baby (let's face it...pretty much every baby looks like Winston Churchill anyway, right?) but Eleri to Me. So that's kind of cool. :)

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Anonymous said...

American babies look like Churchill. British babies look like Ike. True fact. Also, iPod autocorrected my poor typing of "American" to "Aldrich." Way to be creepy, iPod.