Monday, January 03, 2011

Five, six, seven, eight!

Day 270

Day 360

It's always a little bit of work, getting back into the rhythm of "normal" life after a vacation (even a brief one). Tom & I both had some trouble falling asleep last night, after a whole week of staying up late and getting to sleep in. Waking up this morning felt a little like counting off for the start of a big dance number, trying to remember your choreography and not misstep. (Not that I exactly have tons of experience with big dance numbers, but whatever. You get the idea.)

The kids and I didn't have any big social plans for the day - just some laundry to do and errands to run - so we had a somewhat leisurely morning. Errands, lunch, and then the kids played while I set to work finding us a new computer. Getting another Dell; despite my ambivalence, they really do seem to have the best deals out there, so "that's that, Mattress Man." It'll be here in about two and a half weeks. Whee!

While I was putting Eleri down for her afternoon nap, I let Soren watch an episode of Word World. When that was over, I sat on the couch with him and we watched another episode together. Word World's all about spelling and putting letters together to literally create things. All the characters are made up of their component letters, and they "build words" to solve problems and such, in the show. In every episode, there comes a point when the characters realize that "all we have to do a word! It's time to build a word. Let's build it! Let's build it now!" So, this afternoon, after we shut off the TV, and I was telling Soren we were done with Word World for the day, he said, "But...there has to be a way. All we have to do is...turn on the TV! It's time to turn on the TV, let's turn on the TV, let's turn it now!" Hehehe. Goofball.

In the evening, Tom made tasty calzones while I went to the gym. Then after dinner, I did some calculus. Because I frickin rock. (Though Tom rocks more, since he was being all domestic, making a delicious dinner and tending to the kiddos while I did my exercising and calculusing.)

And Eleri's next tooth is finally coming in! She slept better last night, so let's hope the trend continues.


ACJC said...

I like your choreography analogy...totally works :)

susan said...

Hehe, cool.