Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mom's in the hall

Day 271

Day 361

Wow. Epic mommy fail, this morning. Soren had pushed me to the edge of my patience, so I picked up Eleri and stepped into the hall.

With no keys.


Fortunately - and this was hugely good luck - I did have my cell phone in my pocket and was able to call the management office. First they tried to tell me that, sorry, despite the fact that I had no shoes and my kid was locked inside the apartment, they couldn't have someone bring me our convenience keys. Fine, I said I'd pay the fricking lockout fee if they could get someone over here fast.

Many, many minutes passed. Soren was beside himself, sobbing and begging me to come back inside. Then he tried cajoling me back in by asking plaintively for a drink of water. I was able to talk him into filling his own cup at the bathroom sink, and heard him turn the water on, but I think he got more freaked out that I was going to leave completely if he was away from the door for too long, so he came running back without actually getting a drink.

Finally. At long last. The slowest. Monkey-farming security guard. Known to MAN. Came ambling down the hall. I asked him to please move a little faster, on account of the freaking out kid, but no. And when he finally got to our door, he gave me some runaround about needing to see my ID! Which was, of course, locked inside.

But he opened the door, and looked at my ID, and went shuffling back off down the hall. Didn't charge me, apparently had picked up the convenience keys from the office, so I guess that's good at least. But god, what a nightmare.

The rest of the day was hit and miss. Soren did some great sounding out of words while we sat on the couch together. After lunch and Eleri's nap, we went to play at the mall. Of course, we ended up staying all of five minutes, because Soren declared himself done and put on his shoes to leave. (This was after he'd already said he was ready to go once before, then changed his mind.) Well, naturally, he decided after his shoes were on that he wasn't done playing after all, but by that point I wasn't willing to tolerate more waffling. So he whined about leaving. Then, once I got him strapped into his car seat, he started pointing out the letters of the Landmark Mall sign.

"L-A-N-D-M-A-R-K," then started sounding out each letter, "l-a-n-d...land!" This was impressive (to me) because he did it without any prompting, and because I almost never refer to the mall by its full name when talking to Soren (just call it "the mall"), so it seemed to be a case of him actually putting the sounds together without guessing from context.

Anyway. I know it's obnoxious when people gloat about their kids, and it's not as though he even got the whole word (he stopped after the first syllable) but I wanted to leave myself a reminder of one of the high points of the day. Since there were not many of them ;)

Photos for the day were pulled from a little bit of video I shot after dinner. The kids were riding the hobby horse, and Eleri was enjoying herself immensely.

And now, to sleep. I am ready to put today behind us and start fresh tomorrow!


ACJC said...

You really do need to realize how amazing it is that he can sound out words already. I'm telling you, you are doing remarkable things by starting this early. Mommy win :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a horrible experience! They do test our patience, good job going in the hallway, but next time take your keys:)This too will pass, but it's not around the corner...takes a little more time. You can do it, I'm sure!! XOXOOX Yaya & Bysst

susan said...

Amy - I am insanely proud of him. I'm just also acutely aware of how obnoxious it is when parents go on and on about how brilliant their kids are, and I really, really don't want to be "one of those moms."

Yaya - Yes, taking the keys would have been a smarter move ;)