Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Delivery

Day 277

Day 2

Whee! The new computer is here!

Of course, we still have to load it all up with software, but it's in the building. The eagle has landed. Elvis has arrived. I am hoping to get Photoshop installed by the weekend (or maybe tomorrow if we're stuck at home due to snow). The computer does seem speedy, so I've got high hopes for fancy video editing in After Effects. At the very least, I'm optimistic it'll be able to run After Effects without crashing. Yippee!

So, in non-computer-related news, yesterday the kids and I went to the doctor for Eleri's 12 month checkup. She's measuring in the 80th-85th percentile across the board (height, weight, head circumference), meeting all her milestones (with the exception of "falling asleep in her own bed without assistance"...ha ha ha...), impressing the heck out of everyone. She did not want to lie down on her back for any reason, I think because she knew that's how they administer the shots, but aside from freaking out the few times she had to do that, she was really well behaved. Soren, too, was quite good. He kept asking if Eleri was going to get inoculations, and if he could have some too. Hehe. He refused to believe me when I said he probably didn't really want inoculations ("I do!"). Silly guy.

The rest of the afternoon, yesterday, was actually pretty good, relative to last week. Soren and I got along pretty well with the bare minimum of arguing and butting of heads. He and I played trains while Eleri napped, and then the kids played together nicely after she woke up. At the gym, after Tom got home, I did three and a half circuits (4 runs, 3 sets of exercises) and felt pretty good afterward. Then after the kids' bedtime, we watched the Oregon-Auburn game, which was annoyingly late to air, given our East Coast position. Who wants to watch a football game from 9pm til past midnight on a friggin Monday? But we did it, and it got really exciting there at the end, even though the Ducks couldn't hold it together for the win. Ah well.

Day 278

Day 3

This morning we went to playgroup at the library for the first time in a long time. There was a coloring activity (making bear masks for an interactive telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears), and Eleri colored for the first time, holding the crayon like a champ. She made it all the way through two different colors before she got too distracted by trying to eat the crayons. ;) Soren ran laps around the room with his buddies, neighing like a pony (for no reason that I could discern), so he was nicely worn out by the time we left.

We got some snow, off and on over the course of the afternoon. Big fat flakes drifting lazily to the ground. It's finally started sticking out there in the last hour or so, and we're supposed to get more overnight, so we might have a nice little bit of accumulation by morning. We'll see!

Last, but not least, happy birthday, Mom! (And a belated happy birthday to my sis, from last week.)

That's all for now. To all a good night.

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