Saturday, January 15, 2011

We still have some good times

Day 281

Day 6

Friday was Soren's first day back at playschool. By all accounts, it went really well! The kids learned about weather and made little weather wheels and played a game where they had to dress up in clothing appropriate for a hot/rainy/snowy day. There was also music time, where they got to play with instruments and dance around, and they got to practice recognizing their names. I think the smaller format is going to work out really well. Yay!

In the evening, Chris & Sarah were awesome enough to watch the kids while Tom & I went out to dinner. As we headed out to the restaurant, Soren said, "Bye! Thanks for leaving, so I can play with Chris and Sarah!" Eleri didn't seem to be upset by our departure, either. I am so thankful that we don't have clingy kids! We had a very nice time out at dinner and ended up reminiscing about the concerts and comedy shows we went to in L.A. before Soren was born. We didn't get out a ton, but we got out quite a few times and (I think) made pretty good use of the pre-kid entertainment resources at our disposal.

Also, the whole afternoon I'd had a song from Word World stuck in my head. The moment we dropped off the kids, the song vanished from my brain. The moment we returned to pick them up, the song returned as well. Hehe. Sometimes it's nice to just be Susan & Tom again instead of Mommy & Daddy.

Day 282

Day 7

This morning I rode a different horse out at the barn. Comet is a lot like my old horse Mel; very similar in build and temperament. He's also very different from Chaka, so it was a nice challenge trying to figure him out. I wouldn't mind sticking with him for a while, utilizing a different skill set from the one I've been honing with my little pony buddy.

As you can probably tell from today's photos, I did some more playing around with the fish eye lens in the afternoon. There are more photos from the day up on Flickr (as per usual). The fish eye has a fair bit of distortion at the edges when the aperture is wide open, but I actually don't mind so much. It's kind of fun.

Soren's got a bit of a sniffly/coughy thing going on, which I fear may be rapidly passed around to the rest of us. Glad we've got an extra day this weekend to rest up and try to fight off the icks.

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