Thursday, February 17, 2011

Continuing the trend

Moving along our stop-and-go blog trajectory for the month, here are some bits and pieces of what we've been up to, the past few days.

(In roughly chronological order.)

Wednesday morning, Tom took a few hours of leave, and the four of us went to check out the Open House at the Lee District Rec Center preschool. The program looks pretty great, and Soren wanted very much to dive right in and play with all the cool stuff in the classrooms. Unfortunately, space is limited, and there's a first come first served open enrollment next month. From what I've heard, people start lining up in the wee hours of the morning, well before the rec center even opens, like they're buying tickets to a friggin concert, sometimes just to secure a spot high up on the waiting list. Ugh. But it's a good program, and the price is better than pretty much anything else in the area, so I'll sacrifice some sleep to try and get Soren in. Fortunately, I'd only have to go through that once, since existing students, and siblings of existing students, get priority enrollment each year.

(Why do I assume it will be me waiting out there in the dark and the cold, instead of Tom? Because I possess the very helpful ability to nap during the day, and Tom does not. Oh, I'm pretty sure I'll be asking him to stay home from work that day so he can tend to the kiddos while I catch up on sleep, but I wouldn't ask him to stay up all night and then all day. That just wouldn't be nice.)

* * *

Eleri's becoming more and more talkative every day. Many times per day, she has taken to asking - accompanied by a pointed finger - "Oohuhzhya?" which seems to translate roughly to "Who (and/or what) is that?" She also gleefully calls to "Heeee-oh!" (Leo) and asks after "Daddya." (She only cries for "Mamamama" when she's upset.) One of her favorite pastimes is still playing "Bo!" (Peekaboo), and she's also been known to utter the occasional "Yeah!" or "Whoa!" And of course, dropped food or toys almost always merits a delighted "Uh oh!"

She's also ever the independent lass, just like her brother. This morning, we were at the open play time at the Barcroft Gym, and she just went off on her own, playing with whatever struck her fancy, for a good long while. She would periodically come back, grinning, to visit me (or A's mom) and get a hug, but for the most part she was perfectly content on her own.

* * *

Speaking of the Barcroft Gym, we spent about 90 minutes there this morning. Soren & A devoted a solid chunk of that time to running back and forth, pushing each other in a plastic play stroller, from one end of the gym to the other and back again. After that, we snagged some lunch and went to Zoom class (45 minutes of running/jumping/flopping/scamping). We followed up Zoom class with about 40 minutes on the rec center playground, since it was a freaking gorgeous day outside (60-70 degrees, most of the day). Soren was seriously tuckered out by the afternoon. We had to run some errands later in the day, and he slept - snoring - for about half an hour in the car. Tee hee.

* * *

Said nap is currently screwing up the lad's bedtime. It's now 10pm and he's wide awake. Boo.

* * *

Whew. 10:15 and he's asleep.

* * *

I'm going to sign off and get some sleep, too. I promise I'll get photos (and video!) posted again here soon.

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ACJC said...

Sounds like a great program! Good luck with enrollment ;)