Saturday, February 05, 2011

Holy cow. February already?

Hello! Wow, first month of 2011 gone. And I still haven't written my 2010 year in review! Better get on that. But first...


Day 300

Day 25

We did our usual mall walking in the morning on Wednesday. It was surprisingly warm when we got home from the mall, so I made plans to take the kids outside for a walk after Eleri had her afternoon nap. Fortunately/unfortunately, the lass took herself a nice long siesta, so by the time she woke up, it was quite a bit cooler out. That didn't stop us, though. I stuck Soren in the stroller and gave him the little camera to play with. Eleri was in the pouch, and though I'd intended to do 2 laps around the parking lot, I wimped out after the first one (it was really starting to get windy and cold). Ah well. I skipped the gym in the evening to hit the library (by myself!) before dinner, so I could pick up some books for playschool on Friday. It sure is easy to spend an hour or more browsing books at the library when you are without the accompaniment of two restless toddlers.


Day 301

Day 26

We went to one of the nature centers in the morning. The last time we'd gone to this particular one, Eleri was quite a bit younger. I think she probably slept the whole time we were there. This time she toddled all around and marveled at the turtles and snakes. There's this really fantastic kids' section with costumes and books and a big tub of plastic dinosaurs, plus a giant felt wall with velcro animals and things you can stick on it. Soren and A had a good time trying on some of the costumes.

Up next, we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to Zoom class. Poor Eleri, yet again, didn't get much of a nap in the car and then was unable to sleep more for the rest of the day. She finally lost her composure completely around 7pm, at which point I just put her to bed. Sadly, she didn't actually stay asleep, but keeping her awake until her usual bedtime wasn't really a good option either. Ah well.

I bought a white noise machine, hoping it might help Eleri stay more solidly asleep through the night. Thursday night was the first night we tried it. I'm not ready yet to say whether or not I think it's definitely helping, but I think it maybe might be. Possibly. It's hard to say, since she actually is in the process of getting her molars right now, so some of her waking is probably due to general discomfort rather than being awoken by noises. It's definitely not made things worse though, so that's good.


Day 302

Day 27

Woo! Friday! The playschoolers were here, and we had a pretty fun, animal-themed "class" (a tie-in to our planned zoo field trip on Monday). It's definitely a lot less hectic with 4 kids than it was with 8. I felt bad for Eleri, who ended up having to be confined to the high chair for rather a long time while the bigger kids played with paints and marbles (we marble painted some pictures of zebras), and tiny plastic animals (inconveniently chokey in size), and put animal stickers on a posterboard (they were identifying the first letter in each animal's name and sorting them accordingly). She was a really good sport though, and when I finally set her free, she was super thrilled to tag along after Soren and his buddies.

I think Friday was also the first time I've seen Eleri spontaneously go up to Soren and give him a hug. Usually it's the other way around. I mean, it's cute either way, but it was pretty neat to see her initiate the hug.

I was thoroughly whooped though, by the time all the little crazies left. When Tom got home, I skipped the gym again, in favor of sitting in the bath with my book. Because some days are just like that.

Weekend post still to come! And the year in review. And this week's video. Good night for now!


ACJC said...

Not to sound like a broken record, but your children are adorable.

susan said...

You don't lie. They are that. :)