Sunday, February 06, 2011

Year in Review - 2010

2011 will already be marked as the year I was forever behind on stuff. Here it is, February, and I still haven't managed to send out thank you cards from Christmas. Sigh. (I should probably be working on those instead of another blog post, but the cards are in the room with Eleri, who is napping, and I really don't want to risk waking her up. I know, excuses, excuses.)

2010 was a pretty good year though! Here are some of the highlights. Oh! And this year I'm adding some links to previous posts, and maybe a few pictures. So it'll take twice as long for me to write, but maybe it'll be twice as interesting.

Here goes.

January: Eleri was born! At home! And so began our journey of learning how to navigate the world with two children in tow.

February: Snowmageddon! Snowpocalype! I'm having some trouble finding the actual final numbers as far as snowfall totals are concerned, but it was pretty epic. Set a new record, all that. Here are some neat and pretty aerial photos of DC area landmarks all covered with snow. And here's a picture of Soren's hair at maximum shagginess.

March: Soren started getting his 2 year molars, so there was a lot of teething-related grumpiness this month. This month also marked the beginning of the end of Soren's willingness to take a daily nap. Eleri learned to roll over. And we finally got around to taking down our Christmas tree.

April: Happy second birthday, Soren! My cousin Shannon came to visit us. We started our first rec center class. Tom & I got to go shooting together for the first time in a long time (though, sadly, we haven't been back again since). Soren started speaking in full sentences, and I took this ridiculously cute picture of Eleri and Leo.

May: Whoo-hoo, back to horseback riding again! We bought Soren his first pack of big boy underpants and started making tiny inroads into the joys of potty training. I started the Couch-to-5k running program. And, in honor of our 4th wedding anniversary, Tom & I took the kids to Chincoteague and Assateague over a long weekend.

June: Soren got to take his first ever pony ride. I gave Eleri her first (and only, thus far) haircut. I began my 30th year of life. And Soren got a good start on his bright future as an academic liberal elitist.

July: I started Soren's Twitter feed at the beginning of this month. We had some super fun days wherein both kids were teething. We kept working on potty training, and I finally relented and bought a Froggy Potty. And Eleri started crawling and eating solid foods.

August: I ran my first 5k on the treadmill. My mom came to visit. Eleri got to ride on the swings at the park for the first time. And everything happened last morning.

September: We turned Soren's car seat back around to rear-facing, after almost a year and a half of front-facing. Eleri started being able to stand on her own for short stretches. Soren and Tom started a weekly swim class together at the rec center. And I wrote one of my most popular posts, about poop.

October: We took a fun family vacation out west, to Oregon and Washington. And I took a ton of photos. When we got back, Soren finally figured out the whole potty training thing. Yay!

November: Poor little El-bell got her first ear infection. And her second one. Soren treated us to a thrilling middle-of-the-night trip to Head Wound City and got stitches for the first time. Eleri joined the realm of the walkers. Tom had a birthday, and Soren & I made him a cake.

And then there's this cuteness.

December: Eleri said bye-bye for the first time. I discovered that some kids' books were effing bizarre. And in this gigantic freaking post, I talked about Eleri's first experience in the snow, Soren's adoration of Christmas songs on YouTube, and my success at finally finishing the lad's Christmas stocking. After Christmas, we took a couple of days to visit Charlottesville, checking out Montpelier, UVA and Monticello.

And that's it for 2010! I'm excited to see what new fun 2011 will bring.

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