Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Days of Blogging (30DOB) - #1

1: Post a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

That's me. Soren took this picture. It's from late December, but that'll have to be recent enough.

Fifteen interesting facts, eh? I will try not to duplicate things I've written for past memes, but no promises. Also, I warn you that most of these will probably be "interesting" only in the most generous definition of the word.

  • I'm turning 30 this year. I'm still waiting to start feeling like a "real" grownup, instead of a kid doing her best approximation of one.
  • I've lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. That doesn't seem like a lot over 3 months, but it puts me below my pre-pregnancy weight for both kids.
  • I've lost that weight while still eating a Chipotle burrito bowl every weekend.
  • I've had gray hairs since high school. I have a lot more of them now.
  • I've tried, twice, to donate my hair. Both times I was told I didn't have enough to cut off, but both times the stylists didn't really believe me about how short I was willing to cut it. I'm growing it out again now, so we'll see if I can tolerate it long enough to try again.
  • I can run 3 miles at 6 mph or better. (On a treadmill. I don't think I could do it outside, with changes in elevation & stuff.)
  • I'm apprehensive about going back to work once the kids are both in school, but I'm possibly even more afraid of not going back.
  • I've only broken two bones (jaw, pinky toe), and both were injuries caused by horses.
  • I wish I'd learned how to skateboard, proficiently, in my youth (instead of just starting to try to learn in college). That would have required a whole lot less clumsiness on my part, though.
  • I also wish I'd tried skydiving before I became a parent. I miss that feeling of invincibility I had in my teens/early twenties.
  • I don't listen to enough music these days. This is made most evident by the fact that I have stupid songs from SuperWhy or Word World stuck in my head more often than actual, you know, songs.
  • I really like red wine. If that makes me a snob, well, that's fine.
  • I appreciate a good pun, and occasionally a bad pun. Yes, there is a difference.
  • I play a lot of different word type games, and my latest obsession is Words With Friends on the iPod. It's Scrabble with just enough minor tweaks to avoid a copyright lawsuit. If anyone wants to play against me, my username is bonsaisue.
  • I am not as pithy as my sister (who is doing the 30DOB thing as well).


Amy said...

So, I go to look up "pithy" 'cause I have never heard that word before, and Google tells me is means "consisting of or abounding in pith". Helpful ;)

madre said...

HA! I had to look it up as well :) She's trying to tell you that you put more "meaningful" items than she did, although I think her's were quite "pithy" as well. PLUS we learned a new word!

susan said...

Pithy: Short, sweet, and to the point. As opposed to my sometimes rambling responses ;)