Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30DOB #3

Day 3: Write about your favorite dessert.

Picking just one favorite dessert is tough. Different kinds of desserts are particularly suited to different occasions, y'know? Relaxing with the family on a weeknight? Turkey Hill Extreme Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, without a doubt.

(I'd also like to give a shout-out to Trader Joe's Bon Bons - I like the vanilla ice cream ones even better than the chocolate ones - but when we have those around, I am basically incapable of saving them for a "dessert" item. In fact, I frequently eat one before I even have breakfast. Hehe.)

If pie is called for, I've got to go with key lime. I almost wrote this whole post about my love for key lime pie, actually, because damn do I love key lime pie, but then I thought about some of the desserts we've made when we get together with friends for dinner. How does key lime pie stack up, for example, against the delectable combination of ML's amazing lava cakes and mint chip ice cream?

And then I thought about the stuffed puff pastry dessert we've made several times. It's surprisingly simple - cut puff pastry into little squares, plop some filling in the middle (chocolate, jam, goat cheese, or some combination thereof), fold em up, bake em, voila! Little packets of warm deliciousness that are both sweet and savory. Plus, just thinking about them fills me with warm fuzzy feelings, bringing to mind fun dinners with good friends, so it's hard not to harbor a little extra affection for them.

So that's my answer. Stuffed puff pastry treats of awesome are my favorite dessert.

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madre said...

I would have said key lime pie as well, with a drizzle of raspberry sauce!