Thursday, March 31, 2011

30DOB #6

Day 6: Write about an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

This past Saturday, we went to visit our friend Alice at Janelia Farm, where she's been living and working. Janelia Farm is a research facility for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and it kind of looks like something out of Gattaca. The campus has futuristic-looking buildings and several neat sculptures, one of which is Red Nessie, pictured above. Delos Van Earl is the name of the artist. Here's the official blurb about the piece from Van Earl's website:
"Red Nessie" stems from the concept that we only see that which is on the surface, or above ground. The truth of life is that what we do not see or cannot understand, we imagine. This concept takes the floating, spiraling, serpentine and ribbon-like line of the sculpture that is above ground and lets it be graceful and playful and light. The other half of "Red Nessie", the underground, unseen half that is imagined, is solid, heavy and mysterious. The juxtaposition of one half against the other is the intrigue.
(Typos fixed by me. Leaving them in just seemed mean.)

I don't know that I necessarily imagine the nonexistent underground portion of Red Nessie to be "solid, heavy and mysterious," but I still think it's an amusing piece. If it hasn't been done already, I think someone (*cough*Alice*cough*) definitely needs to put a Santa hat on Nessie next year at Christmastime.

Aside from getting to meet Red Nessie, we did some other fun things on our visit to Janelia Farm. We made breakfast pizzas with Alice, Max & Agnes. We fed Alice's worms. The kids played on the playground right outside Alice's townhouse. And we all took a nice walk around the grounds.

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Anonymous said...

Sue, thanks for posting the beautiful photo of Red Nessie on your blog. I like your idea of the Santa hat. Delos Van Earl