Thursday, March 31, 2011

30DOB #8

Day 8: Describe your childhood in sounds and smells.

  • "Remain seated please. Permanecer sentados por favor."
  • Night-blooming jasmine, which grew in our neighborhood in Moorpark.
  • School bells, buzzers, and intercom beeps.
  • Overwarm electronics in the 3rd grade computer lab.
  • "Nick-nick-nick-nick, ni-nick-nick-nick, Nickelodeon!"
  • Sawdust from one or another of Dad's building projects.
  • The theme music from Bubble Bobble.
  • The cellulose acetate that Breyer horses are made of.
  • Gunshots from the Sportsman's Park shooting range, across the freeway from our first rental house in Grants Pass.
  • Horse poop, hay, oats, molasses, shavings.
  • Whinnying, nickering, snorting, sneezing, and other various horsey noises.
  • Wet ground after rain.

Updated to add: I don't know how I forgot to include the soundtrack of my youth. Dan Crow and Raffi early on, Beatles and Phantom of the Opera in the car, Wilson Phillips and Phil Collins/Genesis whenever we had to clean the house, Debbie Gibson/Paula Abdul/Whitney Houston with friends, Garth Brooks a little later on.


madre said...

HA! Dad and I were just saying #1 as we got on the freeway this morning!

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susan said...

Had to look that one up! Nice.