Sunday, March 13, 2011

47-hour Weekend

Day 338

Day 63

Day 339

Day 64

Hey, look at that. A standard-issue photos-and-text blog post. How long has it been since I did one of these? A while, that's for sure.

Not that I've much, specifically, to recount from our (shortened! a pox on thee, DST!) weekend. Family grocery and Chipotle outing yesterday. Time spent today narrowly winning a battle with the calculus book. Lots of cuteness as the kiddos played together and engaged in some astronaut training with Tom. Eleri's started doing a lot more babbly narrating, like Soren used to do, before he figured out English. She seems to be a pretty good mimic, too. The kids were kicking the soccer ball around today, and at one point she very clearly repeated, "Good kicking!" though I'm certain she's just copying the sounds. She's also been doing this exceedingly adorable thing where she recites part of the I'm a Little Cuckoo Clock nursery rhyme (I assure you it's much cuter than the linked video makes it seem), where she'll rock back & forth a little while saying "tick-tock, tick-tock" and then in the sweetest little girlo voice say, "Cuckoo!" Gah, I'm gushing, but it's frickin' darling. I know, I know, I will try to catch it on video sometime soon.

Sooo, yeah. Now the weekend's over, and the week begins anew. We've got not one but two playschool field trips planned for this week. National Postal Museum tomorrow, and a Whole Foods tour on Friday. Should be fun!

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