Sunday, March 20, 2011

The balcony gardeners

After Eleri woke up from her nap this afternoon, the four of us went to Home Depot in search of some more things to plant on our balcony. I felt a little better about patronizing the great orange devil since the kids and I did go to the local nursery yesterday, and there were just a few things they didn't have/were out of that we still wanted to get. Specifically, we wanted tomatoes and some more herbs.

Tomatoes we did indeed find. We bought a couple of Sweet 100 plants, which sounded promising. Alas, Home Depot was also out of basil and cilantro (the two main herbs we wanted), so Tom convinced me, eventually, to try again with growing things from seeds.

I was finally able to coax basil to grow, last year, but for the past two years my cilantro and chives have been utter failures. I think I maybe harvested 5 cilantro leaves last year. But, I didn't try starting any of the plants indoors - citing the obvious hazards posed by cats and small children - so hopefully we will have some more success with seedlings this year. The seed-starter tray we bought is covered, and we're keeping it in the bathroom for now, until stuff starts sprouting and needing sunlight. Then it'll likely be outside during the day and inside (again shut in the safety of the bathroom or a closet) at night. As for what we planted, we've got cilantro, sage, two kinds of basil (sweet and lime), spinach and jalapeƱos. It's tough not to go a little crazy when presented with the many, many opportunities available on the seed racks, but I think we restrained ourselves admirably.

Again today, Soren helped with the plants while Eleri watched from just inside the living room. Then the lass ate a big pile of black beans for a late lunch while we did some chores and watched some soccer.

Tomorrow morning, we've got a firehouse tour planned for the playschoolers! I have to call in the morning to make sure it's a go for sure, so I hope there won't be any snags. I'm sure Soren is absolutely going to flip his lid with the awesomeness of it all. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see how excited he's going to be. ;)

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