Monday, March 21, 2011

Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck

This morning we took the playschoolers to Fairfax County Fire Station #26. They had such a great time climbing in the trucks and looking at all the equipment. They were also super excited to get to see where the fire fighters sleep when they're on duty. A squished car out behind the fire house, used for training purposes, was also a big hit.

After we'd been home a while, this afternoon, Soren asked if we could go back for another tour. Hehe.

Eleri took an epic nap in the afternoon, which unfortunately meant that we missed out on the fantastic weather late in the day. We did take our first family walk of the year though, after dinner. It started raining on us quite suddenly, just as we were getting back to our building.

No big plans for tomorrow. We'll have friends visiting from California later in the week though, so we'll probably have some fun adventures in the city with them. Yay!

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