Friday, March 18, 2011

The mediocrity of mommyblogging

It's been a little tougher to summon up the desire to commit my petty gripes to paper screen. What right do I have to whine about the difficulties of night-weaning when truly horrible shit is going down in Japan? I know, horrible shit goes down all around the world every single day, but the compounded awfulness of freaky-huge earthquake and devastating tsunami and nuclear peril is hard not to keep thinking about.

I haven't even been reading that much about what's going on over there (and watching the news on TV is right out). I kind of can't deal. The earthquake in Haiti had much the same effect on me, keeping me up nights, projecting. Eleri had just been born, and I couldn't stop thinking about how many women there must be, there, also with brand new babies, trying to survive, living in a makeshift shelter or worse. What kind of monster am I if I do less than cherish every moment of my incredible good fortune, griping about toddlers who don't want to listen or babies who don't want to sleep?


I can't dwell on it.

Today was a fun day. We took the playschool kids to Whole Foods for a tour, and they had a great time. They got to touch fish and taste brie and eat pizza and cupcakes. It was also a fantastically nice day outside, so after we got home from the tour, the kids and I went outside to play at the playground. They played in the sand and slid on the slide and had a grand old time. Poor Soren, though, wanted desperately to go up to the field where a small group of 12(ish) year-olds were kicking a soccer ball around. When I told him those kids were too big for him to play with, he just said, "But I'm a big boy too, Mommy." Hehe, sorry, little man.

In the evening, Soren and I read Pickle Things together for the first time in quite a while. Six months, at least. It was the first time, ever, that he really got the humor of the book. A pickle ear?! Hilarious! Pickle boat?! I thought he was going to bust a gut laughing. It was great. Eleri's getting more into books too, which of course I love. Just a big snuggly ball of awesome, those two.

All right, I'm going to get some sleep. More pictures coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

What you feel about the tragedies that befall others is called empathy- that's a good thing. It is overwhelming when you really think about it, but you are lucky despite your good fortune. The ability to feel for others is what makes us human and not feral beasts.

Grandpa J