Saturday, March 12, 2011

President of the SSA Fan Club (Epilogue)

After we dropped Soren off for playschool yesterday, Eleri & I got some breakfast and then steeled ourselves for a return to the Social Security office. I never did hear back from the local Health Department as far as whether the paperwork had actually been filed, so I was just hoping that there was a chance she was already in the system.

Lo and behold, just a short wait later, I was able to talk to someone who confirmed, yes indeed, Eleri had been assigned a Social Security Number! Of course, she still couldn't give me an actual SS card without "proof of identity" for Eleri, but she did at least give me a print-out containing El's number (once I was able to prove my identity, of course). Asinine...never mind that the very fact that she's been issued a SSN means that the requisite proof of identity had been received by the SSA at some point, and that it's not as though I was issued a card and then lost it. I never received the original card! But whatever. The lass exists, as far as the federal government is concerned, and we'll now be able to claim her on our taxes. And the kids' ID cards were in the mailbox later that afternoon, so it shouldn't be difficult now to go back to the SS office one more time, get the card, and put this whole mess to bed once and for all.

So there you have it! Oh, and our good luck from the morning carried over when it was time to leave A's house. Soren only complained a little bit about leaving, but there was nothing like the complete meltdown we've enjoyed the last couple of times. Improvement is improvement, and I shall not take it for granted.

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