Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yet more photos

Hey! It's March! Maybe I'll be able to shake off the February funk and get back to regular blogging. For now though, here are more pictures.

Day 320

Day 45

Day 321

Day 46

Day 322

Day 47

Day 323

Day 48

Day 324

Day 49

Day 325

Day 50

What's going on these days? Eleri's on some kind of nap strike. I suppose, more accurately, she's on some sort of "staying asleep when transferred to bed from the comfortable arms/lap of Mom/Dad" strike. It's not my favorite thing ever. But she is "talking" more; a couple of new words and a lot of babbling. "Cup" has entered her vocabulary, and I'm pretty sure she said "baby" today (after Soren said it to her a few times).

Soren's a reading machine. He's really pretty amazing. And he's been completely diaper-free - day and night - for over a week now! (Of course, now that I've committed that to writing, he'll have a massive accident tonight, right after we've settled into a nice REM sleep state. ;)

Mostly I've been getting a huge kick out of the kids interacting together. Oh my goodness they're cute. Yesterday Soren was helping Eleri put her socks on. (Trying to help, really. But he was making a good effort at it.) And they've started giving each other high fives. So that's freaking awesome.

Coming soon! Book review! And more stuff! Good night for now.

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Amy said...

Eleri's day 49 and Soren's day 325 are my favorite pics :)