Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another glut o photos

I discovered, when I added Soren's 3 y.o. birthday shot to his photo-a-day set on Flickr, that I'd missed a day somewhere. I knew that I'd missed one day completely, but I was still only coming up with 363 photos. So the hunt was on. I ended up finding photos for both Soren and Eleri that had been uploaded, way back in August, but never added to their photo-a-day sets. So, mystery solved. And that's why, if you're paying attention, the Day numbers for the pictures I've posted here are off, compared to what's on Flickr. ;)

(Not that I think anyone will care about any of this at all, but years from now I might wonder. So there you go, Future Susan. That's what was going on with that.)

All right, on to the photos.

Day 360 (Year 3)

Day 84

Day 361

Day 85

Day 362

Day 86

Day 363

Day 87

Day 364

Day 88

Day 365 - Happy Birthday Soren!

Day 89

Day 1 (Year 4)

Day 90

Day 2

Day 91

Day 3

Day 92

Day 4

Day 93

Day 5

Day 94

Day 6

Day 95

Day 7

Day 96

Day 8

Day 97

Day 9

Day 98

Day 10

Day 99

Day 11

Day 100

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