Monday, April 18, 2011

Flower House Field Trip

This morning we went to the Campbell & Ferrara nursery for a field trip. It ended up only being us and one other family (the other two in our playschool group couldn't make it), but Soren and L had a grand time anyway. They held hands and frolicked through the aisles between rows of flowers, following our tour guide, and were very excited when they got to pick out their very own plants to help repot and take home. The other highlight was getting to feed the koi.

I remember being a kid and going to a koi pond (I don't recall where) and my mom encouraged me to stick my hand in the water so I could feel the fish with their gaping mouths looking for food. It's weird, but two decades and change later, I really had to fight the impulse to do the same thing.

After our tour, the kids played a bit at the little playground on-site, until a very large dog from the neighboring yard burst through a heretofore unnoticed hole in the fence. The dog seemed friendly enough, but its sudden presence was startling and provided a convenient excuse to be heading on our way. We got some lunch, returned home, gathered some sand toys and some libray books that needed to be returned, and we headed out once more. I let the kids play a bit at the playground here, and then we went to the library. Old books returned, new books checked out, and then we made our way to another park. (It was a gorgeous day, and the next two are supposed to be rainy, so I figured we'd better make the most of it.) A trip to the grocery store rounded out our afternoon, and then we headed home again.

Soren's behavior, alternately whiny and defiant, has been tough to handle lately. I'd heard horror stories about parents pooh-poohing the "terrible twos" and saying that three was much worse, but somehow I'd hoped that we'd get lucky. Not so much, it seems. He also has his incredibly sweet and obedient moments (he was great on our field trip, for example) but that almost makes the tough times worse because I know he an behave better. I say almost though, because the good moments are made all the more enjoyable in comparison to the rest of it.

But yeah, by dinnertime these days I'm basically at the end of my rope. Doesn't help when Eleri is also in a mood and howls in outrage every time things don't go exactly her way. Ah, children. I adore them, but sometimes I want to run away. ;)

No plans yet for tomorrow, but I'll try to come up with something fun to do so we aren't all at each other's throats all day. For now, here's hoping for a good night's sleep, since that always helps make everything just a little better.

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