Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hacking the night away

My germ-riddled little fiends precious, beloved offspring have passed along their latest cold to both Tom and me. Sunday evening, our apartment sounded like a tuberculosis ward, with the chorus of coughs echoing from every room. I very nearly bailed on our Monday field trip to the Building Museum, but in the end I decided to compromise. We went, but we drove (so as to avoid infecting the public transportation system) and though we did stay and play with the Legos at the Lego exhibit, we did not go in the Building Zone play room. Soren has been very, very good about coughing into his elbow lately, and since Eleri was strapped to my back, coughing directly into my shirt, I figured our risks of exposing the general populous were minimized.

Besides, mine were far from the only hacking children in attendance.

So we went, and Soren had a great time. Here he is, showing off his Lego creation:

It actually took him quite a while to get the hang of using and manipulating "real" Legos, which are quite a bit smaller than the Duplo blocks we have at home. Mostly he enjoyed the sensation of swiping his hand through the big trough of Legos in the middle of the table and was quite put out when I made him stop.

Monday afternoon, it warmed up significantly around here. I tried to get Eleri down for a nap after we got home, but she wasn't having any of it, so I took both kids out to hang out on the balcony for a little while. Eleri made herself comfortable on the back step of Soren's trike, and the two rode double for a little while, which was basically the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday it rained. Stormed, even, in the morning. And was about 20 degrees cooler than Monday. We dropped Eleri off to play at A's house while Soren and I went to his rec center class. The class is called "Magic Kitchen" but to us it's "Soren and Mommy get to go be Top Chefs" time. It's pretty great, and nice to have some one-on-one time together. I was thinking back to his first rec center class, just about a year ago, how he was absolutely not into it at all, and what a difference the experience is now. Also, back then, the few times that we left Eleri with A's mom and went by ourselves, he was totally distracted the whole time and just wanted to leave so he could play with them. Now he's excited to get back to play afterward, but he's still very into what's going on in the class. It's neat to watch him growing up. :)

Plus, this week, the kids took turns wearing an apron and toque so they could get their pictures taken for the cover of their "cookbooks." So friggin' cute.

Today, I seem to have hit the point of maximum unpleasantness as far as this cold and its symptoms are concerned. The kids, fortunately, seem to both be well on the mend, but I'm lagging behind. We didn't go anywhere today; I barely even moved from the couch. It's a miracle I got myself (and the kids) dressed. But I managed to get a decent nap in while Eleri was sleeping this afternoon (Thank you, Peep and the Big Wide World, Word World, and Super Why!, for keeping Soren appropriately entertained and allowing me the much-needed rest). I'm really hoping to feel better tomorrow because...'s Soren's birthday! Kind of funny, now that I think about it; 3 years ago today I also spent the day huddled and uncomfortable. Hehe. But yes, the little man is turning 3, and we're going to attempt something close to his "perfect day." (I spent much of the last 2 days trying to get him to articulate what that would be.) Picnic and playing - and possibly trike-riding - at the park with A, followed by a metro ride to the airport to watch planes. Quesadilla for lunch, mac cheese for dinner, "cake with candles, like A had for his birthday" for dessert. ;) (We'll be doing little brownie cupcakes again, but I'm sure that will suffice. And I did buy candles.) So we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck. ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! When Soren's Dad turned three he had the measles and tried to cover them up by putting a sticker on each and every one of them. Feel better Susan!

Carrie Ann

MC Squared said...

Lucky kid. A perfect day, and he's only 3!

He and Eleri should be getting some belated X-mas / B-day gifts in the mail tomorrow (April 12). You'll probably want to open the package away from the kids and figure out how best to distribute them. They are not wrapped.

Anonymous said...

Today is April 12, tomorrow is April 13. Gah!