Monday, April 18, 2011

Keep on keepin' on

Last Wednesday, the afternoon brought with it a resurgence of unpleasant sinus symptoms, so after spending all of Eleri's naptime uncomfortably curled up on the couch under a blanket, I faced facts and made plans to go see a doctor after Tom got home from work.

We've lived here 2 years now, and I still have not managed to get around to finding myself a personal physician. All through my pregnancy with Eleri, of course, I saw the midwives, but laziness (and a lack of immediate need) had prevented me from getting my act together sufficiently to get myself a "regular" doctor. So Wednesday evening found me headed to an Urgent Care clinic.

The first two I tried (close-ish to home) were closed despite it being well before their posted/advertised closing times. My trusty GPS found me a third clinic, farther afield, which a quick telephone call confirmed was open late enough for me to make it, even in the face of horrendous Beltway traffic. I eventually made it, was seen, and left with a prescription and instructions to return in 5 days if I wasn't feeling better.

Fortunately, the meds did their thing, and I started improving the very next day. Thank goodness! That was one miserable cold.

Thursday I had to take both kids to the pediatrician for their 15 month and 3 year checkups. We went to the park beforehand, and they ran around a bit. Eleri was landed on by this 8 or 9 year old girl who, I guess, didn't see her below when jumping off a play structure. Obviously the oldest of several kids, this girl immediately picked Eleri up to comfort her. El, for her part, didn't seem at all upset or hurt, just a bit surprised, but she snuggled up against the older girl. A little while later, Eleri sought out the girl again on the playground, holding up her arms in the universal "pick me up" gesture. The girl obliged, and Eleri wrapped her arms around for a hug. The two sat on a bench together for a bit. It was pretty cute.

The past week was marked by a series of late naps for the girlo, who didn't want to fall asleep until 4pm or later. Thursday was no exception; even though she'd been up since a quarter to eight, she didn't fall asleep until we'd left the park and were on our way to the doctor's 4:30. She napped in the car, and then in the pouch, finally waking up as we were called back to the exam room but remaining kind of groggy and chill. It was the first time she's been checked out by a doctor and not been tense and nervous the moment she's out of my arms and lying on the table. The doc even commented, as he was palpating her belly, that she was completely relaxed. So that was good.

As for the usual growth stats, the lass has apparently recently undergone a growth spurt - no great surprise, given how much she eats! - jumping up from the 80th to the 94th percentile for height. She's also slimming out, dropping from 85th to 73rd for weight. (Still has a giant head - 96th percentile for head circumference.)

Soren got to do a lot of things for the first time this checkup. He had his blood pressure taken and his eyes checked. The eye chart for the 3 year olds uses shapes instead of letters, and Soren was pretty excited about "playing a game" with the nurse, identifying the shapes with one eye or the other covered. Every time he called out the next shape, he'd kind of crouch first, then jump up while announcing "Circle! Star! Glove!" It was amusing. He was also asked to draw a circle on a piece of paper, which he did (lefty), and stand on one foot. He chattered basically nonstop to both the nurse and the doctor's resident, who said, while going through all the standard developmental questions with me, "Well, I guess I don't need to ask you whether he speaks in full sentences!"

The doctor was impressed with both kids (smart, healthy, seemingly well-adjusted specimens). Soren's continuing his long-and-lean trajectory (54th percentile for weight, 76th for height). We did have one unfortunate moment with the vaccinations, when I didn't have a strong enough hold on Soren's arm and he swatted at the needle as the nurse was pulling it out, resulting in a scratch on his leg. I felt bad about that. But otherwise everything went really well.

Friday was an okay day. Eleri and I had a nice morning while Soren was at playschool, and in the afternoon we did some grocery shopping. Tom had to end up working quite late that night, and again on Saturday, so that was not so awesome. Saturday we had a very wet and windy storm, so there was, alas, no playing outside. Sunday we all kind of rested and played catch-up, though the boys did get out for soccer class. Eleri FINALLY broke her late nap streak, falling asleep around 12:30 and then sleeping for 3 hours! I suppose it's hoping for too much that she keep taking earlier naps again now. ;)

And now we're back to Monday! The sun is shining, and we're headed out soon for a playschool field trip to a local nursery. The kids are going to get to plant flowers. Should be fun!

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