Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still Here

Whoo boy, this cold has really done a number on me. I don't want to waste a bunch of pixels on virus-blogging, but man. Little kids and their germs, I tell ya.

There are plenty of other things to write about, though I'm afraid I won't be able to do them justice in my current state, doped up on NyQuil and fighting my way through the fog of sinus pressure. So I'll resort instead to bullet-form, so as to at least get down all the basics, which I will try to flesh out later.

  • Birthday! Soren turned 3 last Thursday, and though I didn't quite manage to deliver on all aspects of his "perfect day," we had a pretty good day nonetheless.
  • Friday was rainy and productive. After dropping Soren off for playschool, Eleri and I got some important car maintenance tasks taken care of, and Eleri was as good and pleasant a companion in the various waiting rooms as I could have hoped for. She's a keeper, that one.
  • Saturday at the barn did not go precisely as I'd hoped, but even a bad day at the barn is better than a good day doing chores, and this was far from a bad day at the barn.
  • Sunday, while the boys went to soccer class, Eleri and I took a nice afternoon nap, which was sorely needed and greatly appreciated.
  • Monday's playschool outing included a class all about turtles at the nature center. Soren certainly seemed to enjoy himself. It was also unseasonably warm, near or above 80 degrees, and muggy, leading me to conclude that I am so not ready for summer.
  • Today we had A over for a playdate in the morning, and then our Top Chef class was canceled, so we ran a couple of errands through the rain in the afternoon. (It rained, but we all wore short sleeved tshirts, as it was a rather warm rain.) Eleri refused to nap until after 4:00, so that was fun.

Check Flickr for recent photos, including the ones from Soren's birthday. I should be back to posting stuff here soon.

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