Sunday, May 15, 2011

Balcony Farmers

This year is attempt #3 for the balcony garden. The first year, my tiny assortment of herbs barely made it past the sprouting stage. We didn't manage to harvest anything. The second year we planted basil, chives, cilantro, and Brussels sprouts. The basil grew nicely and was a frequent featured guest on our homemade pizzas. Everything else failed.

This year, we upped the ante. No more starting seeds outdoors. We bought some vegetable and herb plants from the nursery, as well as some seeds, and we bought a grow light to start the seeds inside. Here's our inventory:

Sweet 100 tomatoes (two plants)

They're starting to flower already.

Six Brussels sproutplants

Nothing's sprouting yet, but they are green and lush and seemingly healthy.

Strawberries. We bought 5 plants, 3 of which seem to have died. The remaining 2 are doing well and flowering though.

Rosemary and garlic chives

Finally, this planter has sweet basil, lime basil, sage, cilantro, spinach and jalapeno peppers in it.

Not edible, but this is Soren's Lobelia (the flower he picked out when we went on our nursery field trip).

We've already been able to use some of the basil, rosemary & chives in our cooking. I'm feeling pretty good about our potential yield this year, provided I don't find a way to kill everything off when the nasty heat of summer makes an appearance. ;)

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