Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Because I've got to do something

It's been several weeks now since I've been to the gym. More than a month. Possibly more than two months. I'm still dropping weight (more slowly than before, but progress is progress), but I'm losing muscle. I've decided, therefore, to re-embark on the One Hundred Pushups Challenge. What's more, I'm coupling it with the Two Hundred Situps (Crunches, actually) Challenge.

I expect to flame out spectacularly around the end of Week 2.

The thing is, even if I - once again - fail to complete the goal, I'll still be working toward something, and I'll try very hard to at least keep doing something each week, even if I don't actually make it through the prescribed number of sets and reps. I mean, I did eventually manage to get halfway through the program last time I tried. But that was two and a half years ago, so it's definitely time to give it another go.

I did the first sets today, with two giggling toddlers climbing all over me at every rest period. (Helpful little beasts, they are.)

Total pushups: 16
Total situps: 23

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