Sunday, May 01, 2011

First of May

The past week's fun activities included an outing to Lake Accontink Park, the return of Top Chef class (after a two-week haitus), a messy - but fun - trip to the playground after a bunch of rain, and a meat-tastic brunch with friends at a Brazillian steak house. We've been fortunate to get some rain and neat thunderstorms, but none of the super severe weather that's been bludgeoning this part of the country. I had a nice ride yesterday, outdoors, and was then invited to my instructor's house in the evening. She was hosting a "jewelery party" as a favor for a friend, but it was really an excuse for several ladies from the barn to get together, eat tasty treats and talk about horses. ;) It was a lot of fun.

Today, Eleri and I accompanied the boys to soccer class, since we were all heading to the aforementioned brunch directly after. Eleri was content to sit and stare at the goings on for about three minutes, at which point she decided she was done sitting on the sidelines and was ready to jump in and participate. She was quite put out when I restrained her, so we left and took a little walk. We came back from time to time, and at one point she did get to kick some balls around at one end of the room while the class was doing something at the other end.

After class, we met Max, Agnes, and a couple of their friends for brunch. We all gorged ourselves on a bevy of grilled meats (and some non meat items from the salad bar), and Soren got to eat a giant piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Good times!

And now, more pictures!

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