Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The good, the bad and the snuggly

(in reverse order)

The Snuggly

Loki has decided, in the past few weeks, that Eleri's changing table is the most marvelous place to nap. This is fine, except when I need to use it, at which point there's a little bit of a Mexican standoff with me holding a squirming (often poopy) Eleri and trying to encourage Loki to depart without incurring his wrath. Usually he hisses and hops down, but he did reach out and swat my hand a few days ago. Left two little scratches, one of them in the shape of an L. Once I had been "marked" in this fashion, he has since (thus far) kept his claws to himself.

But when he's not fending off humans who dare to use his comfy perch for their nefarious diaper-related purposes, Loki seems to have been enjoying his new napping spot. He's even deigned to share it with Leo a few times, and they've been awfully cute, all snuggled up together.

The Bad

I was going to gripe about my discovery, this morning, of some kind of bug infestation (aphids maybe?) on our Brussels sprout plants. I was going to grumble about some particularly difficult days I've had with Soren in the past week, butting heads at basically every single opportunity. About how I've yelled more, recently, than I'd like, and how that makes me feel like a crummy mother.

And then I read something on Facebook just a few minutes ago about a 4 y.o. with stage 4 brain cancer, and my eyes welled up and I...I don't know, everything else seems petty in comparison. It makes me feel worse about getting so upset with Soren, which I know is a little silly because, sheesh, I'm not a saint and 3 year-olds are TOUGH sometimes.

So I'll acknowledge that there have been some not-so-fun days, lately, but I will table my complaints for now and just keep trying to keep things in perspective. Though if anyone has any magical tips for dealing with defiant, rule-flouting, generally infuriating three year-olds, you can feel free to pass those along.

The one thing I will write about here is that, as predicted, I made it through all of two weeks of the 100 Pushups / 200 Situps challenge before needing to take a break. I strained a muscle in my back and took a week off, but I will probably try to start again today, even though my back is still pretty sore. Might switch to knee pushups, I don't know. Stupid ouchy back.

The Good

Two of Eleri's recalcitrant cuspids have finally emerged, ending the teething-symptoms-with-no-payoff thing we've been battling for a couple of months now. Unlike her poor brother, El is not cutting all 4 of those teeth at the same time; on the one hand, that means we get to drag out the fun even longer, but on the other hand, maybe it'll be easier for her to deal with. Of course, she's generally handled teething waaaay better than Soren ever did, anyway.

In other Eleri news, on Thursday she successfully used the froggy potty for the first time! We've been sitting her on it in the evening, but she hadn't quite figured out what she was supposed to do. And yes, I always feel a little weird, celebrating my kids' excretory accomplishments on the blog (yes, dangling modifier, whatever, you know what I mean), but we're mostly family here anyway. There was more successful potty use again on Saturday, and last night before bathtime. We're nowhere near trying to actually go through full-on potty training (though that would probably be a great thing, given the nasty diaper rash that has been plaguing the poor lass), but we started really really slowly with Soren on the potty thing as well.

It is so great when the kids play together, happily. This afternoon they have entertained each other for over 2 hours now with very minimal intervention on my part. They are ridiculously cute, giggling and hugging and chasing.

*Blogging pause for dinner prep and consumption. Twas a rare (for us) taco Tuesday.*

Tom's been pulling some long hours at work, but this evening the kids and I picked him up at the metro station. Soren says we have to "go rescue Daddy," which is not only cute but almost accurate. Anyway, the kids got to stay up a little later than usual to visit with Tom, and the three of them were playing games with the soccer balls that had everyone laughing and laughing. It was great. Also great, because they'd stayed up later and were quite worn out from the day's adventures anyway, they both fell asleep super easily at bedtime. And that is always a wonderful thing.

One more thing and then I will sign off for now. We are headed, this long holiday weekend, to the Big Apple! We're taking the train. It's all very exciting. I am looking forward to eating some good food, taking a crap-ton of pictures, and enjoying the company of my fabulous cousin, with whom we are staying. (As a side note, I kind of can't believe it was a whole year ago that we took our last mini-vacation, to Chincoteague and Assateague.) Anyway. Should be lots of fun!


MC Squared said...

Have you read "Happiest Toddler on the Block" yet? The video is good if you don't have the time to get through the book. Both are usually available at the local library.

We started using those techniques on Grace already, and tantrums are shorter, if not less frequent.

susan said...

Yes, I have read it. I do find the techniques to be helpful sometimes, in certain circumstances, to at least help snap Soren out of his tantrums. That's not really what I meant though when I was talking about the difficulties I've had with him lately. It's less about him having a meltdown and more about him flagrantly ignoring or refusing to do the things he's asked to do (or stop doing).

MC Squared said...

Yeah, sorry for not looking at your reading list, and sorry I took difficult days to mean tantruming.

Best of luck navigating the cross streams of independence and obedience.