Friday, May 13, 2011

Have I really written nothing this week?

Man, here it is, Friday, and I have only just realize that I've posted nothing here since Sunday. I don't even feel like the week was all that crazy busy, yet Monday feels like it was a long time ago.


It's bedtime now, naturally, so I'll just give you the brief run-down and try to fill in the gaps later. Monday we went on a field trip to Frying Pan Farm Park, which was a lot of fun. The kids got to see cows, calves, horses, sheep, lambs, pigs, piglets, chickens, chicks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, goats and kids. They played on the (2) playgrounds and sat on the miniature tractors. We'll definitely have to make another trip there sometime. Tuesday...sheesh, I don't even remember. Laundry day, I think. Wednesday was mall walk, but we ended up being the only ones there, so I walked about a lap and a half, at which point we gave up and headed downstairs to the play area. (Turns out that walking around a mall by yourself isn't as enjoyable as walking and chatting with friends. Who'da guessed?) Thursday the kids had their first dental appointments. They both did really well, though Soren tried to volunteer Eleri to go first. He was all excited about the idea of the dentist, but when he actually walked into the exam room and saw the chair and light and everything, he kind of backed into a corner and kept saying, "First Ellie. Ellie's going first." Hehe. We managed to coax him into the chair without too much effort, and he quickly settled in. The dentist was really good with him, with both of them, and put them right at ease. Today Soren had playschool, and then in the afternoon we picked up his new loft bed. One of the moms in our playschool group was giving away her daughter's loft bed...which has a SLIDE on it...after picking up new bunk beds for her and her sister. We've been thinking about going the loft bed route in Soren's room, figuring Eleri can sleep on a mattress underneath when she's ready to move out of the crib, so the opportunity to pick one up for free was too good to pass up. We got it assembled this evening, and Soren was super excited to sleep in it. Sweet!

That's the short version! I'll have four or so days' worth of photos to post this weekend, so keep an eye out for those. Til then, to all a good night. :)

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