Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's important to make note of the good days

It would be easy, these days, to fall into a pattern of griping about Mister Independent 3 Year Old and all of his daily boundary testing. Or Miss Toddler Tantrumface with her recent discovery that boundaries exist and that she is - much to her displeasure - prevented from doing things she wants to do, from time to time. Because man, that's my life right now. Not a day goes by without somebody bursting into tears over something or other, screaming out against the injustice of it all.

(That somebody is, by the way, almost never me. Almost.)

I do try, however, to keep from dwelling on the negative. Yes, these are simple facts of life when wrangling toddlers, and there's no use pretending things are perfect and rosy all the time, either. But making note of the little things they do that make me's important to remember that there are occasional gaps in the clouds, as it were.

Enough prefacing. Yesterday morning was a great day. We went walking at the mall, and Soren (who had had some trouble playing nicely there a couple of weeks ago) was a model citizen at the play area. He was friendly, he shared toys with other kids, he stopped every once in a while to give Eleri a hug or take her hand to lead her around. (Beyond adorable, by the way.) Eleri, who has been doing more fleeing than playing there, lately, didn't pull her escape routine once. She played with the other kids, played by herself, came over to me every so often with a giant grin and arms outstretched for hugs. It was great. We even stuck around for lunch there with our friends (something we haven't done in a while) and both kids behaved really well through lunch. It was an incredibly pleasant morning, and I was grateful for it.

The afternoon was a different story, but hey, the morning was a nice treat. ;)

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