Sunday, May 01, 2011

Only about 15 years late

Get ready for a super topical movie-themed post!

By the time I got home from my evening out last night, Tom had already gotten both kids to bed. Sweet! So I scarfed some dinner and we channel surfed a bit. Eventually, the following dialog took place, as we scrolled through the channel guide:

T: Ah, The Cable Guy, a classic.
S: Heh, yeah, I've never actually seen that one.
T: *click* Now you have.

It had started only ten or so minutes before, so we watched pretty much the whole thing. While it wasn't quite as dark as I'd expected, it was still plenty dark, and Tom & I ultimately disagree on whether or not this particular cinematic endeavor deserves to be labeled "a classic" of the era. It was definitely very much a mid-90s movie, with a soundtrack guaranteed to plunk you right back in high school (or wherever you were in the mid-90s). And it had its moments; there were some laughs, sure, amid the cringe-worthy bulk of the film. I'm sure I would feel differently about it if my initial exposure to the movie had been in my teenage years - it's clear there's no small amount of nostalgia in play with regard to Tom's opinion of it - but though I will admit I didn't hate The Cable Guy like I expected to, it's not likely to go down as a "classic" in my book, either.


Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I (too?) am not a Jim Carrey fan(atic). I did watch The Mask, Ace Ventura, and several other unmemorable exercises in dumbness (Oh yeah, Dumb and Dumber). The thing is, a little of his hijinks go a long way.
Oddly, I was impressed with a movie of his that got little fanfare: The Majestic. I'm a sucker for sentimentality and amnesiacs, so that probably explains why I actually liked this movie or at least watched the whole thing.

Tom's dad

Tom's dad

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "The Majestic"...worth a watch! :)
Susan's Yaya

Amy said...

Have you seen "The Number 23"? Frickin' creepy!!

Susan's sister

susan said...

I have seen neither The Majestic nor The Number 23. Perhaps I'll see if the Tivo can find the former on cable somewhere.

As far as Jim Carrey movies go, I think my favorite is Liar, Liar. It seems less of a "completely idiotic Jim Carrey comedy" than just a regular comedy with a smattering of Jim Carrey hijinks (which, as Tom's Dad pointed out, can go a long way).

Susan's Own Self

Amy said...

We just watched Liar, Liar a week or so ago...I forgot how ridiculously hilarious it is.