Monday, June 06, 2011

Getting up to things

Last Thursday we went to the zoo. Not a field trip or anything, just a trip to the zoo with A and his mom. Eleri rode in the stroller while Soren walked the whole time, which was pretty nice. Wore him out but good, and I didn't have to haul around a toddler on my back. ;) I didn't get my act together in time to make lunch for us before we left the house, so we were stuck buying food at the zoo. Surprisingly, there was a little "Brats & BBQ" stand that sold some tasty sausages and BBQ sandwiches. Not bad.

The zoo is on a big hill. I've discovered that the best strategy is to park in the lot at the bottom of the hill, so you do all the hard work at the beginning and get to walk back downhill at the end of the day. (I know. I am very smart.) At the downhill end of the zoo, there's a little "farm" with cows, alpacas, goats, donkeys, rabbits & pigs. Not quite a petting zoo, since most of the animals don't hang out near enough to the fences for you to pet them, but not precisely your standard zoo animals either. Next to the farm is a "Pizza Garden." It's supposed to show kids how vegetables are grown and get them thinking about where their food comes from, I guess. Anyway, in the middle of the "Pizza Garden" is a very large rubber pizza play area, with giant onion and mushroom slices that you can drag around and rearrange.

Guess what Soren & A's favorite part of the zoo was.

It was an unexpectedly nice day. It'd been brutally hot and humid earlier in the week, but Thursday it started to cool down and dry out a bit. Very nice. Perfect zoo-going weather, really.

Friday, playschool, errands, nap for Eleri, little bit of time out for myself in the evening after Tom got home.

Saturday at the barn, my instructor took us on a trail ride through the woods. It was a hot morning, and the arena was already horribly dusty by 10am, so I didn't mind one bit. Plus we got to jump a little bit, which I am almost never going to complain about. ;)

In the late afternoon, Tom took the skraelings out with him to the grocery store, and I dragged myself up off the couch (where I was just about to fall asleep) and down to the gym (where I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights). Good decision! I was surprised to feel just fine afterward. The sore, sore leg muscles didn't show up until the next day. Heh. Oh well, still worth it.

Sunday evening we had Alice over for dinner. She brought over a glazed strawberry pie (holy freaking yum), which we devoured after scarfing down the lamb that Tom made and the asparagus tart that Alice made. Good eats!

Today's playschool outing took us to one of the spray parks in Arlington. I actually got a little bit of video of the kids playing in the water, which I'll try to put up here sometime this month. It's already starting to get hot and humid again (Thursday's supposed to be just awful), so I suspect there will be more water-related outings in our near future.

That's it for now. Oh, and if you haven't already, you can check out the pictures from our New York trip here. I still have a few more to post, but the majority of them are up there (200 and counting). Enjoy. :)

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