Sunday, August 07, 2011

And now suddenly it's August?

I'm not kidding, the past three weeks have seemed to zoom by like some sort of...really speedy thing. I'm certainly not complaining, but I've found myself without the usual slot in my schedule for blogging. I have, at least, been able to continue keeping up on daily photographs of the kids, so here we are yet again with another heap of them to post. If I can think of anything amusing or relevant to say about any of the days from the past few weeks, I'll write a wee bit; otherwise, just enjoy the pictures. :)

Day 102

Day 191

Day 103

Day 192

Day 104

Day 193

Day 105

Day 194

We got some new Beaver gear in the mail from my parents. It's equal opportunity support of the undergrad almas mater around here. ;)

Day 106

Day 195

Day 107

Day 196

Day 108

Day 197

Soren has been enjoying his swimming lessons at the rec center.  I still haven't gone to watch yet, but I'll have to do that soon.

Day 109

Day 198

I got my old longboard out of the closet, as the lad has been obsessed with trying to "skate" on books or  pieces of cardboard or toys...pretty much anything.  He was super jazzed about getting to play around with a real skateboard. (And super cute, doing it.)

Day 110 / Day 199

Day 111 / Day 200

Frequently, when Eleri's in the stroller and Soren's walking, he will suddenly run around to the front so he can give her a hug.  It can be a bit jarring if I'm not paying sufficient attention, but mostly it's just adorable.

Day 112

Day 201

We went back to Huntley Meadows Park for the first time in a while.  It's pretty neat there. Lots of nature, not far at all from the big city.

Day 113

Day 202

Day 114

Day 203

Tom finally got to join us at the spray park. (He's been jealous every time we've gone without him during the week.)  Everyone had a great time, splashing and playing.

Day 115

Day 204

Day 116

Day 205

Day 117

Day 206

Day 118

Day 207

After yet another trip to Ben Brenman Park (one of the nearest fenced playgrounds to our apartment) I put together this photoset, containing all the photos I've taken there over the years. The first ones are from when Soren was just over a year old, so it's pretty neat to watch the kids kind of grow up over the course of 80-some pictures.

Day 119

Day 208

Day 120

Day 209

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