Friday, August 12, 2011

There's a big hill between our apartment and the grocery store, I'll have you know

Day 126 / Day 215

This morning we returned to playgroup for the first time in months. We've seen playgroup people here and there of course, but this was the first actual playgroup "event" we've attended since the Spring. The kids had a nice time, and it was pleasantly not humid, so it was a good day to be outside.

We picked up lunch, made a run to the pet store for more cat food, then came home for Eleri's nap. While she slept, Soren chilled out with his shows and I worked on a website. Speaking of which, anyone want to buy a horse farm? My friend Caitlin is selling hers.

After dinner, I jogged to the grocery store, shopped, then walked home with 25 or 30 pounds of stuff. Blugh. Amazingly, I wasn't at all sore after my big run yesterday, though I anticipate very ouchy shoulders tomorrow. Exercise is important though.

Hopefully I'll have good news of horsing tomorrow!


madre said...

Impressive site for the farm sale.

ACJC said...

cute pic...any recent family photos?