Monday, August 15, 2011


Day 127

Day 216

Saturday Tom ran some errands in the morning and then brought back our customary Chipotle lunch. We didn't do a whole lot through the middle of the day, and then in the afternoon I got to go riding! It took me all of 12 minutes to get to the new barn (on surface streets, with a couple of long traffic lights). The ride was pretty good. Of course it's always hard to start at a new place, comparing everything against the old place. Since I loved my old barn, just not the drive, the new one doesn't quite measure up yet. Plus it is more expensive. But it's not bad. So I'm going to look around a bit more, but I'll probably give this place a try for at least a month if I can't find anything else suitable.

Day 128

Day 217

Sunday morning Soren had his swimming lesson. Tom said he did some swimming without his water wings! Next week is the last class, so Ellie & I will come along to watch. I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Lazy afternoon. Late in the day I ran a couple of miles outside. It went all right, but it was humid and a tough slog. It actually seemed a little easier once it started sprinkling. I made the somewhat questionable decision to go to the grocery store right afterward; we only needed 2 things, but I came home with about 10. Including a slice of cake. ;) Such is the risk of going food shopping fresh off a tiring workout. Hehe.

We had a pretty cool storm late in the evening. I'm always amazed when the kids are able to sleep right through the booming thunder.


Anonymous said...

Love the "Risky Business" shot!

Grandpa J

madre said...

HA! What was the impetus for those RB poses??

susan said...

He was prancing around before bathtime in his skivvies and sunglasses. I told him to go fetch some white socks, and he came back with the socks & winter hat. ;) Goof.