Saturday, August 27, 2011

A discovery

Day 136

Day 225

Monday was mostly a "hang around at home, do some laundry" sort of day. I did make it over to the library after dinner (had to pick up the first two Underland Chronicles books) and I swam laps for the first time in I don't know how long. Funny side story: I hadn't worn my lap-swimming suit in quite a while. I bought it a decade ago. So it wasn't until I got into the water and started on my first lap that I noticed there was basically no elasticity left in the darned thing. Had to tie the shoulder straps together behind my neck just to keep from flashing the whole pool. Good times.


Earlier in the day, I was going to make the kids some mac & cheese for lunch. I noticed, right after our "new" stove was installed, that two of the knobs had been replaced with oven knobs. So instead of { Lo - Med - MedHi - Hi } or whatever, they have meaningless numbers and a Broil setting. Which I found mildly amusing. Tee hee.

Take another look, though. Look at the relative positions of "Broil" and "Hi." Reading the knob like a clock face, they're at 1:00 and 11:00, respectively. Which means that not only are the numbers on the oven-harvested knobs meaningless, but the scale is backward.

Which would explain why, when I mindlessly set it on Broil in order to boil water for mac & cheese, the water was still tepid after 20 minutes. *headslap* I relayed this discovery to Tom via email; he wryly pointed out, "So now the scale is a unitless, "how long till hot" measurement." Indeed it is, good sir. So now you know, if you're ever cooking at our house, you have to turn the "special" knobs the opposite way you think you ought to. If you want to eat anytime this century, anyway. ;)

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