Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half a Nice Day

Day 125

Day 214

"Do I feel better?"
"Yeah, buddy, you seem like you do feel better."
"Yeah...I'm glad. I'm glad I feel better!"

That was the conversation I had with Soren immediately after he woke up this morning. And indeed, his fever was gone, and he seemed to be well on the mend. Huzzah!

A and his mom came over later in the morning, and we all went down to the pool. Man, those kids love the pool. We played and played until Soren was shivery (he's always the first one to get cold), and then the kids played on the playground for another half hour or so. It was, all told, a really nice morning.

The afternoon was less nice. Lunch was delayed by the extra playground excursion, so by the time we got back into the apartment, both kids were rather on the melty side. Eleri finally made it through her lunch and then took an epic 3 hour nap. Soren was just kind of whiny and disagreeable for the rest of the day. Still no resurgence of fever or anything, but it was pretty clear that he was tired. Eleri woke up kind of grumpy from her nap and was not the happiest camper either for the rest of the afternoon. Some days you win, some days you don't, and some days you only win the morning.

After Tom got home, I went outside to run, and I ended up doing a full 5k! Outside! With no walk breaks! I did it in 33:25, which is a far cry from my best 5k time on the treadmill, but I'm still way pleased. Probably won't be able to move tomorrow, but I'm pleased right now.

And! I have a new barn to try on Saturday afternoon. It's super close to home (4.5 miles away...seriously), so that would be a vast improvement over the hour-plus commute each way I was doing before. Here's hoping it all works out. :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new barn. We all know how much you look forward to being able to ride.

Grandpa J

madre said...

Is there a website for the barn? Good luck!! Glad Soren is on the mend :)