Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One year later

Day 122

Day 211

Yesterday we went back to the play area at the Tyson's Corner mall. We've been there once before, almost a year ago to the day. As before, we went with A and his mom. Eleri was too little to actually play there last time, but she's grown rather a lot since then. ;) Aside from the occasional mad dash over to where the train was parked, she had a good time running around after the boys, climbing and sliding, stopping here and there to make friends with babies and their moms. All 3 kids enjoyed the heck out of the little train ride as well.

After Tom got home that evening, he and I took turns running on the treadmill and playing with the kids in the pool. Soren's gotten really comfortable in the water, between the security of his fancy green floaty vest and the confidence he's been gaining in his swimming class. He was even paddling all around with his face in the water. We stay in the very shallow end when it's just one parent with both kids, so he can touch the bottom at any time. Eleri loves the water too; even she was ducking down to her nose, blowing bubbles. I'm really glad they both enjoy the pool so much. :)

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