Saturday, August 20, 2011

The rest of the week

Day 130

Day 219

Tuesday morning we had to wait around for the landlord to bring over the replacement stove. His main concern was that (I guess?) the old stove wasn't a standard size (or maybe shape), so any replacement would have to fit right in the existing cut-out space in the counter. Well, in order to avoid the additional expense of replacing the whole countertop. Fortunately, he had such a stove left over from renovations done to another apartment (I'm not sure how many he owns in this complex, but it's more than 2), so he was going to bring that one over for us. It wouldn't be a *new* stove, but it probably wouldn't be as old as the one we had.

So, around mid-morning, he came over and got started with that. The kids stood at the doorway gate and watched him work, Soren chattering away at him despite my repeated instructions to leave the dude alone (to the landlord's credit, he didn't seem to mind). He managed to remove the old stove, but apparently the wiring was older or not quite what he expected, so he didn't feel comfortable dealing with that part of it without the aid of an electrician. He said he'd get back to us when the electrician was available, so we took off for the park.

We only had a little bit of time to play before naptime, but even that was apparently too much. Poor Eleri had a complete meltdown when it was time to go home, screamed all the way back to the apartment, flopped and flailed and finally fell asleep. That's never fun.

Her happiness was restored in the evening, though, when she gleefully played with Tom before bedtime.

Day 131

Day 220

Wednesday I dropped the kids with A's mom so I could get my tooth fixed. They always have a good time playing at A's house. The tooth repair was quick and uncomplicated. Huzzah. We hung out with A and his mom for a couple hours, then returned home for naps and waiting for the landlord to call. (He didn't.)

Tom got home. I went running. We ate dinner. And that was that for the evening. Except for a wee bit of soccer and Top Shot watching before bed. ;)

Day 132

Day 221

Thursday the landlord and electrician showed up just after Eleri went down for her nap. Fortunately, she stayed asleep. They made reasonably quick work of the stove replacement, all while Soren supervised, of course. Hehe. The "new" stove has knobs instead of push buttons, though two of them are actually oven knobs, labeled with (inaccurate) temperatures instead of "Low - Med - High." Heh. Oh well, it'll work.

After Eleri woke up, we went to the spray park. Alas, a storm started rolling in after we'd only been there about half an hour, and the park shut down due to threat of lightning. It was still a fun trip, albeit short.

Day 133

Day 222

Yesterday morning we went to River Farm with A and his mom. It had been a year since the last time we went there, so this was the first time Eleri could actually play with the boys and climb on stuff. She had a great time. It wasn't too hideously warm a day, but it was quite humid, so all the kids did a lot of sweating from all their running around. Everyone was good and worn out by the time we headed home.

Lunch, naps, dinner prep. I made a tasty pot pie (sausage, bell pepper, spinach, edamame, parmesan...I'd leave out the spinach next time) and took off to check out another barn. It's farther away than the one I looked at last weekend, but still about half the distance to the old barn, and less expensive than the nearer one. They let me observe a lesson, the only "adults" one they teach, apparently. (Lots and lots of kids and teenagers at this barn. Not, I suppose, all that unusual a thing, though.) Anyway, it's rather a step down in skill level from the lesson I was in before, but the instructor seems to be decent. I'll ride with them next week and see how it goes.

On the way home I could see a massive storm ahead of me, almost completely obscuring the buildings along the Beltway. Lightning slashed repeatedly across the sky in miles-long streaks. Driving into the storm was like driving into a waterfall; no gradual approach of rain, just an immediate entry into the downpour. Traffic - sensibly! - slowed to a crawl as lightning flared and thunder boomed all around us. It was a formidable storm, to say the least. Impressive, awe-inspiring, and a little scary. ;) I was glad I didn't have the kids with me. And just as abruptly, the rain ended as I drove out the other side. Pretty crazy!

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