Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sick Day

Day 124

Day 213

Last night, Soren woke up sad about half an hour after going to bed. He felt warm, but I got him resettled and back to sleep. Twenty minutes later, he was awake again, and definitely sporting a fever. After measuring it (102+), we gave him some ibuprofen and worked on cooling him down with a damp rag, which he emphatically did not appreciate. Poor little buddy. Eventually the Motrin kicked in, his temp came down, and he was able to go back to sleep. It was not, however, the most restful night of sleep for any of us.

So I bailed on mall walk and we took ourselves a sick day. Soren was fine as long as he had ibuprofen in his system, but as soon as it wore off, his temp kept creeping back up and he turned into a saaaaaad boy. :( The photo above was taken about 5 minutes after he'd fallen asleep on the couch, and only about 30 seconds before he started being harassed by both Eleri and Leo. Sadly, he did not stay asleep through the couch-to-bed transfer; I suspect a nap would have done him some good. Oh well.

A couple of notable things about the day -

In the morning, Soren was playing with his train set, and for very brief moments, Eleri was playing too. Usually she is simply a force of constant destruction, but there were little snippets of "push the cars along the track, choo-choo, whee isn't this fun" happening. It won't be so very long now until she can enjoy the train set too. (And I can enjoy a few minutes without hearing, "Moooom! She's ripping my track!" every thirty seconds.)

Similarly, there were a good fifteen or so minutes a little later in the morning when the two of them were quietly playing Legos together. (Well, Duplos. Same difference.) It. Was. Awesome.

Highlight of the morning: When Soren was done playing with his trains, he picked them up and put them away, without being asked. That's huge. When I ecstatically relayed the joyous news to Tom via email, he replied, "Man. Now you know he's sick."

The rest of the day was free of any further spontaneous toy-cleaning (drat). Ah well. Eleri, for her part, took a 3 hour nap in the early afternoon (she didn't sleep well last night either), and it was a pretty mellow day overall. For dinner I made a big chicken pot pie, with a pie crust bottom and puff pastry top. It was, if I do say so myself, pretty friggin' good. It's not such a difficult thing to make, either. I still have to get the baking of the bottom crust dialed in just a wee bit better. I baked it some before adding the filling this time, but it was still a little underdone at the end. Oh well. More than edible, even so.

Well, hopefully Soren kicks this bug soon. Also hoping desperately that Eleri doesn't catch it. She hasn't shown any signs yet, but it seems kind of futile to think she'll be able to squeak by unexposed. It's no fun having sick kiddos.

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